Legion's Objects

We can all appreciate the efforts of Seekers as the Holders are known to put the Seekers through excruciating madness, at the very least, in their tests. No matter whether good or evil, a Seeker who earns even one Object is deserving of our respect.

Imagine a Seeker who earned two thousand.

This Seeker started off just like you; observant, sly, and with a certain zest for the unknown, encountering urban legends of Objects that spoke of a catastrophic event when they would be brought together.

Just for a lark, this Seeker decided to pick out a Holder to confront and ventured out to one of his city's mental institutions.

Picture that this Seeker was triumphant over the first Holder he confronted, and successive journeys just became easier. He was a natural. No Holder was too fearsome or confusing. He became more and more powerful with each Object he earned. There seems to be no end to this Seeker's power.

However, this Seeker is gone now, and with him two thousand Objects. Or so it is thought. Some may say he still lives on as something else, but no one is truly certain.

Below is all the information we could scrape together, available to you if you so choose to read it. The collective information on the most feared Seeker of all.

The Legion.