Object 568

The Holder of Amnesty

In your own country of birth, go to any government building you can get yourself to. Ask the clerk at the front desk if he has the records of Legion. He will slip you a Manilla folder with a dossier of Legion. Now that you have this information, go to the location listed as his place of birth.

Enter the town of Legion's birth and head to any bar or pub. Act completely normal under any circumstances. Talk about whatever the barkeeper wishes until you've managed to befriend him. Once you think he trusts you sufficiently, ask him for the address of Legion.

Once you find the house, enter through the west-facing side's uppermost window. Upon entering, you should find the corpse, not of a fellow Seeker, but of a common burglar that made the mistake of entering the east window.

He now serves as a transportation method to an almost unknown Holder. Should you ask another Holder of his existence, they will have either forgotten, or labeled him as a false Holder. This Holder, the Holder of Amnesty, has no tangible Object of which he can be linked to.

Speak the phrase, "I wish to see he who enslaved you," to the corpse; it will respond by slowly working its way to a standing position. You must now kneel before it, and let it devour you. Piece by piece, you will be dismembered and eaten by the carnophage.

Once the entirety of your body has been consumed, you will find yourself awake in a Spirit Plane. You will see a floating man. The man will be dressed in white garb, and will resemble the wisest figure you've known. He will be sitting cross-legged and looking at the earth. He will be floating around it, intently observing the events happening all across the globe. You mustn't, under any circumstances, disturb him.

Once he has tested your patience, he will ask your intentions of you. Tell him you seek his Object. He will respond with one of two things. The first will be, "You are unworthy of my Object. Please leave." If you have greatly displeased him at any point during your life, you will have heard the first and will wake up in the bed of Legion. If this is the case, then continue on with your journey, Seeker.

If he is pleased with the progress you've made, he will tell you that you have a choice of three fates, but you must first pass a test. He will send you away to the farthest reaches of his domain, and tell you to find your way back. Along the way, there will be souls of the living that you can save, damn, or leave to their own devices. Make your choices and return to him.

After what will seem like a decade of endless walking, you will return to the man, now elderly and unique in appearance. If you damned the souls, he will send you straight to Him. Yes, the one who has hunted you endlessly will now have you easily within His grasp.

If you chose to save the souls and exempt them from punishment, you will be sent down to continue the work of a Seeker.

If you left the souls to do for themselves, the Holder of Amnesty will offer you a choice. You may either observe the fate of the world, allowing you to pass judgment on mortals while suffering no consequences, or you may return to your task.

Should you choose to leave, you will awake in the bed of Legion, with a single tube of viscous liquid. When the time comes, you will understand its purpose.

Should you choose to stay, the Holder of Amnesty will thank you and disappear into nothingness. The sudden realization of what you've done will hit you like a brick to the forehead.

You will watch as the globe spins to the location of Legion's house. You will watch as your body awakens from Legion's bedchamber. It will crack its bones as if it has slept for a millennia, and it will begin to leave the house. As it turns to leave, it will stop, turn to face you, wink, and with the tip of a hat, exit the house. The previous Holder is now free to live your life, as if you had never started a journey as a Seeker. The previous Holder will not be hunted by Him. He was aware of this trick and is now hunting another Seeker.

You now must sit and wait, observing the fates of whoever's life you wish to seal. One day, your chance will come and you will start him/her down his/her quest of becoming a Seeker. With any luck, they will make the same mistake you did, and you will once again be blessed by mortality.

Until then, you are now the Holder, and ironically, the Receiver of Amnesty. Your "salvation" is Object 568 of 2538. You will now observe until you regain a place among the living, or until the end of time. Know that if the Objects are united, salvation will turn to damnation.