Object 563

The Holder of the Wish

Do you have a wish? Something you want above all else. Something you would sacrifice everything for; even a friend of your bosom or a sweet lover and the years of your life spent in searching. Do you have the required resolve and commitment to do so?

If so, search for the oldest mountains barely touched by man. You will be young and naïve when you start your quest and you will be middle-aged and bitter when you are done. There will be fire in your eye. This fire is your obsession and it comes from your heart. If you have gotten this far, then you have obtained a key. Now that you have the key, go to the ruins of the greatest of all fallen civilizations. Having done this, your time searching has ended. This time, you are the one who is being searched for.

When the people with their flashing and clicking devices have left the ruins and darkness is closing in, a thing will appear in your heart. This thing will give you the wish. Do not peer into your own heart whilst that thing is there or everything will have been in vain. If you do, you will see how dark your flame-filled heart has become and you will want to give up on everything, even your dearest wish.

Now that you have fought against the temptation to look, you will be given the wish. You will realize that a wish alone does not mean a wish fulfilled. You may feel cheated, but the fire in your heart will burn away all rationality and emotion. You will then be filled with an all-consuming want for all and you will find and attain all. All, but the granting of your own wish.

As you hold onto the wish, it will fuel the fire in your heart. You will be a hull of what you were, knowing only the want for everything, and of course, it stands to reason, that you will want all of Them as well.

The wish is Object 563 of 2538.