Object 544

The Holder of the Wave

In any city, in any country, go to the nearest ocean resort you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to see someone by the name of "The Holder of the Wave". If he laughs and says no one is checked in by that name, hope for a swift death by the person in line behind you, for there are far worse fates for those deemed unworthy.

But if the receptionist seems to loosen up, he will say, "He is on the top floor penthouse." Then he'll give you a room number and a key. When you get into the elevator, instead of hitting the button take you to the top floor, locate the keyhole that was not there before and use the key. You'll notice that now it looks like a staff key.

Once you unlock the mechanism, you may go to the top floor. Should you fail to do so, though, you should jump out the nearest window you can find and hope you die from the impact; if not, nowhere you go will be safe from his wrath.

Once you reach the penthouse, you will notice an older man sitting on the couch, crying. Nothing you say can stop his sadness, but you can ask him one and only one question. That question is, "Why do they flow freely?" He will stop and turn to stare at you, heaving a deep sigh. He will then tell you of every moment when the Objects have been passed from a Seeker to a Holder, just to go back to a Seeker due to death, or the Holder of Sacrifice.

When he finishes weaving his tale, he will seem to flow away. Go to where he was sitting and you will see a battery. You should locate the remote, it needs a battery to run. Once you insert the battery, turn on the television, for now the Holder is ready to test you. You have passed the guardian, now you must remember what his tale told you. He will ask you, in total, 5 questions. If you should succeed, he will grant you his Object. Should you fail, you will be punished by releasing his guardian upon you, only in his truest form.

If by any chance, you manage to have passed your test, the TV will turn to static, only smoother and slower than normal. Look under the coffee table in front of you. You will see an orb as blue as the ocean. When you take it, you will be transported back to the elevator on the bottom floor.

Leave this hotel and put the orb by the shore for 5 seconds, let it reflect on the ocean. After 5 seconds, take the orb and leave. Never under any circumstance should you return, lest he steal your Object and with it your soul.

This orb is Object 544 of 2538, and is the brother of Object 541. It can see in the deepest oceans, and allow you to breathe underwater. But when the time comes, will you be able to escape?