Your Dreams Taste Like Candy

April 13th, 2018

Dear Aaron -

You got away again this time. Both you and that luscious little Bonnie of yours.

Does it bother you when I call her luscious? I imagine it does. But it's such a wonderful, delicate way of describing the intricate web that the three of us share.

We're delicious together.

I love the game. Can you choose a different route to her kindergarten class every day? You get so creative when trying to elude me. I do admire the perseverance. I noticed the way you slipped into that alley after spotting me and hid with Bonnie in the dumpster. I could have caught you both that day.

Instead, I strangled a stray dog and tossed his corpse there in the trash with you two. Has that traumatized your daughter?

There were many opportunities to end the hunt. But what are the attributes of an ideal quarry? The answer, of course, is that it must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason.

So I let you and Bonnie go that morning. You moved to another state, as you had eleven different times that year. It took me three weeks of obsessive searching before I found you once again, that time in Las Cruces, New Mexico. You had run so far!

I love seeing your life fall apart, Aaron. You have given up everything in trying to protect Bonnie from me. You've lost all your family and friends, who have no idea where you are.

Believe me, they would have told me if they knew. The human mind can only endure so much physical mutilation before it gives up all its secrets.

Every one of them is gone. I love knowing that you had to stop attending their funerals so that you could stay hidden from me.

You didn't miss anything at your father's service. Trust me, I was there. There wasn't even an open casket. No point, I suppose, if his body has been turned to puree.

Now your daughter's safety is everything. Your entire existence is based on keeping her safe. You have nothing else.

Have you really accepted that she will die one day? The entirety of human existence is nothing more than delaying the inevitable, and Death has a one hundred percent success rate.

You will fail.

Elm Grove Police Department

Evidence Item No. 060120181913

Incident Type: Suicide

Coroner's Conclusion: Aaron [REDACTED] died of asphyxiation after choking on his own vomit. Stomach contents revealed 200 mg of benzodiazepine, 45 mg of hydrocodone, and six ounces of whiskey, which supports the theory of death by suicide.

Due to the presence of vomit in Aaron [REDACTED]'s lungs, it is believed that he survived and was conscious for 60-120 minutes after the initial ingestion, but was unable to avoid asphyxiation due to loss of muscle control.

Notes: The attached note (Evidence Item No. 060120181913) was found clutched in Aaron [REDACTED]'s hand.

While no suicide note was discovered, Elm Grove Police strongly suspect that the victim was distraught over recent developments involving his daughter, Bonnie [REDACTED]. After she was taken from his apartment while Aaron [REDACTED] was defecating, an intense three-week search revealed no suspect. The suicide victim's mental state had deteriorated significantly in his final days, as his daughter's body parts were sent to his apartment through various package delivery companies.

Initial deliveries included all ten fingers, all ten toes, a gall bladder, an appendix, eleven teeth, three feet of intestine, and a surgically removed kidney.

Medical professionals examined each delivery and determined them to be in vivo removals, leaving hope for a live recovery of the girl.

Aaron [REDACTED] had to be forcibly sedated after the final delivery, which was made approximately three hours before the alleged suicide took place.

That delivery included his daughter's severed face, along with a note reading "She's still alive."