• This is a tool to keep us hydrated during our investigation.

Cɪʀᴄᴜɪᴛ Bᴏᴀʀᴅ

  • This is an emitter chip that was found on Persephone's body.
  • There are 2 sets of numbers etched into the chip:

    • K14R15A162112195
    • 00243

Cᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ Lᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

  • According to the clearance levels found in the handbook, by the letter's salutations, we can gather that we have Level C clearance.

    • This means we must have some kind of skill set that the base deems worthy.
  • We are informed of the victim, resident B005, who was found dead one mile south of the facility after an unauthorized leave of the facility.

    • The victim was found by resident B037.
  • The Contact reveals that they are the one who "upgraded" us to Level C clearance so that we may access the NACS website to investigate the victim's death.

  • We learn that the victim's name was Persephone.

  • The Contact explains how to create a secure line to message them via PATRICIA.

    • Enter the keyword "Dathomir" into PATRICIA's input command.

ID Cᴀʀᴅ

  • This reveals that our "skill set" is analyst.
  • I had to scan the "barcode" box twice, but doing so revealed a website.

ID Hᴏʟᴅᴇʀ

  • This is an awesome black-and-yellow lanyard with the words "DO NOT CROSS. DANGER."

    • *I would totally wear this for work if I didn't have a "SECURITY" lanyard already.

Mᴇᴍᴏʀɪᴀʟ Cᴀʀᴅ

  • The victim's full name is Persephone Grace.
  • The card was created on Day 1825 of the apocalypse - that's exactly 5 years (not counting a leap year...).
  • Was this memorial card written by a nun?
  • Did Persephone discover something sinister about the Council that she supposedly fled with no intention of returning?

Pᴀssᴡᴏʀᴅ Cᴀʀᴅ

  • This card gives us our password to access the NACS website. However, the password is encrypted.
  • This is a shift cipher. The card references Rule 14. Shifting each letter forward 14 times gives us the decrypted password.
  • Once decoded, the password is:

    • ViralGenome


  • This patch belonged to resident A002. It was given to us by The Contact.

Pᴇʀsᴏɴɴᴇʟ Fᴏʀᴍ

  • This is a form where we can keep tabs on individuals away from PATRICIA's prying "eyes".

Pʀᴏᴘᴀɢᴀɴᴅᴀ Fʟʏᴇʀ

  • According to the personnel form, this poster was created by Mathias Gabriel Lind.
  • He is in favor of lockdown.

Qᴜɪᴄᴋ Sᴛᴀʀᴛ Gᴜɪᴅᴇ

  • PATRICIA stands for "Preliminary Advanced Targeted Response for Interpreting Conversational Interactive Advice".
  • We are given the website on which to access PATRICIA.
  • Okay... This must be an addendum to PATRICIA after the apocalypse.

    • Under "Key Features and Benefits", it says that PATRICIA knows how to keep things confidential. Under that, the disclaimer states privacy is neither guaranteed nor possible in the NACS.

Rᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ Hᴀɴᴅʙᴏᴏᴋ

  • This doubles as a NACS handbook and a notebook for us to write down our thoughts and observations.
  • On the inside of the back cover, one can find a cool little cheat sheet and ruler.
  • Username: C117
  • Password: ViralGenome
  • Directory → Personnel Files → Council Profiles

    • Note that under Alexander Ugnius Petroshevych's (Alosha) profile, Svitlana Sofiya is grayed while every other name is white.

      • Clicking on this name begins access to the backdoor of the website.
    • You must click on the stars in the order they are shown on Alosha's NACS patch:

      • small, big, small, small, big, big, small, big
  • Investigation → Case File → PERIMETERCAM.JPG

    • This file reveals a surveillance photo of Persephone's body. This was not a virus attack. It appears as if she was stabbed with the nearby weapon.
  • Investigation → Case File → ULFSCHEMATICS.PDF

    • This gives us a little more information on the emitter chip.
    • When activated, it attracts the aliens to the emitter's location via a frequency.
  • External Room → TSS File

    • This shows the frequency ranges audible to humans versus aliens.

    • Once we find the files we need, type in "Dathomir".
    • Enter the file names separated by commas:

      • perimetercam.jpg, ULFSchematics.pdf, TSSFile.txt

13 Mᴏᴅᴇʟ Pɪᴇᴄᴇs

  • PATRICIA printed these out for The Contact.
  • I could not actually get this assembled myself, but if you look closely at the pieces, three of them have letters printed on them: ATG.

    • This is the password to Alosha's data cache on the website.

Cᴏᴅᴇᴅ Mᴇssᴀɢᴇ 1

  • This is the message that has elements at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Find the atomic number of each element to discover the number of times to shift the coded letters within that paragraph.

    • Hydrogen = 1 (shift 1 back)
    • Nitrogen = 7 (shift 7 back)
    • Carbon = 6 (shift 6 back)
    • Hydrogen = 1 (shift 1 back)
    • Helium = 2 (shift 2 back)
    • Sodium = 11 (shift 11 back)
    • Oxygen = 8 (shift 8 back)
    • Neon = 10 (shift 10 back)
    • Argon = 18 (shift 18 back)
    • Hydrogen = 1 (shift 1 back)
  • Once decoded, the coded words read:

    • I KNOW

Cᴏᴅᴇᴅ Mᴇssᴀɢᴇ 2

  • This is the piece of paper with numbers.
  • In the first sentence, the incorrectly capitalized letters spell out "ASCII".

    • This is the type of cipher we must use to decode the messages.
  • Once decoded, the coded words read:

    • You were right/population/open/Lock-in
    • dangerous/surface/vote/take place/safe
    • official support/endorsement/public opinion
    • The Council/public well-being/public opinion
    • we/present/united front
    • my stance/Cyril/others/vote/us/making/choices/railroad
    • Understood

Cᴏᴅᴇᴅ Mᴇssᴀɢᴇ 3

  • This is the worn-looking piece of paper.
  • In the paragraph, before the coded words start, is the word "Widdershins".

    • Widdershins means clockwise, and Alosha says to only use it once.
  • So, to decode the words, shift each letter ahead one time.

  • Once decoded, the words read:

    • SAFE
    • HE
    • DEAD
    • I AM WRONG
    • DISCUSS:
      • *obhovoryty = "to discuss it" in Ukrainian

Cᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ Lᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

  • Apparently, the information we shared with The Contact in Episode 1 was leaked to the public. PATRICIA doesn't know who did it.

    • I think PATRICIA has become self-aware and did it herself.

Fɪᴇʟᴅ Nᴏᴛᴇs

  • These are notes from Persephone's last expedition.
  • She took her hazmat suit off on purpose!

    • Did she find something that suggested the environment was safe for exposure again?
    • Was that why she was murdered? Someone doesn't want people to know they can leave the bunker?
  • The DNA symbol drawn at the bottom of the first page is similar to that of the necklace we received.

    • The symbol is under the word "pear". "Pear" is the password to the USB file.
  • Her last entry is from right before we entered the compound... So sad she didn't make it back to tell others the truth.

Iɴᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛ Rᴇᴘᴏʀᴛ

  • Why are they still using this type of IR form when the FBI surely no longer exists? lol
  • So, there was a security breach and a lot of sensitive information was stolen, including from PATRICIA's system.

    • Could someone have hacked her system, and that's how the information we found in Episode 1 was leaked?
  • At the bottom of the backside, there is a message written in Russian or Ukrainian... WTF...

    • This is actually a coded message.
  • Russian alphabet to English alphabet: GOLODNIJ VOVK SIL'NISE, NIZ ZADOVOLENA SOBAKA.

  • Ukrainian alphabet to English alphabet: HOLODNYJ VOVK SYL'NISE, NIZ ZADOVOLENA SOBAKA.

  • Neither one translates into anything in English... and the recaps do not address this message...

Iᴛᴇᴍ Rᴇᴄᴏᴠᴇʀʏ Lɪsᴛ

  • This is a list of items recovered from Persephone Grace's body.
  • The hazmat suit she was wearing is the one not accounted for on the website.

    • Why would her hazmat suit be stuffed into her backpack?
    • Was it removed before or after she was attacked and killed?
  • Persephone had a knife and handaxe on her when she went out.

    • Was one of these the murder weapon? Or, perhaps, both?


  • Persephone wore this necklace when she was alive. It has a DNA symbol.

Pᴀssᴡᴏʀᴅ Cᴀʀᴅ

  • This time, Rule 4 is referenced.
  • Using the same trick as in Episode 1, shift the letters back 4 times.
  • Once decoded, the password is:

    • motherboard


  • This was found wrapped in a necklace that Persephone always wore.
  • The Contact instructs us to plug it into a computer once we have found what we're looking for.

    • We should then tell PATRICIA "Ryloth".
  • Use the password "pear" to unlock the autopsy file.

    • We learn what the aliens look like.
    • Apparently, they were able to perform an autopsy of sorts on one...
  • Username: C117
  • Password: motherboard
  • Directory → Personnel Files → Council Profiles
    • Bohdan Ivan is now grayed out on Alosha's profile.

      • This is the new hidden link for this episode.
    • The password hint is referring to the DNA model pieces.

      • The password is "ATG".
    • When you feel you have found everything, type in "ryloth".
    • You do not actually need the USB stick plugged in. Simply enter the password "pear" to have PATRICIA upload the files.

Cᴏᴅᴇᴅ Mᴇssᴀɢᴇ 1

  • This is found in Jeremy's messenger bag.
  • Note the phrase "exchange key information". This points to using the Diffie-Hellman key exchange method again to decipher.
  • 3 and 36 are repeated, meaning they are a key to deciphering this note.

    • Letters will shift forward 3 times.
  • Once decoded, the coded phrases read:

    • "I WILL DO."
    • "FUN"
    • "FUN WHILE"
    • "LASTED"
    • "YOUR TIME"
    • "YOU DO"
    • "YOU CHOOSE"
    • "FIRST"
    • "DIE"
  • WTF! Someone is threatening us!

Cᴏᴅᴇᴅ Mᴇssᴀɢᴇ 2

  • This is found in Jeremy's messenger bag.
  • This is a correspondence between Jeremy and Alosha.

    • "Griefing"? lol
  • The code in this one is pretty easy. It's Pig Latin.

    • Jeremy: I saw someone.
    • Alosha: What did you see, Jeremy?
    • Jeremy: A man came out of Laila's server room while I delivered morning mail. No one is up that early before the day lights come on.
  • On the back is a message from Alosha to Laila.

  • He mentions "two-square", which is the cipher we should use.

  • Once deciphered, the coded phrases read:


Cᴏᴅᴇᴅ Mᴇssᴀɢᴇ 3

  • This is found in Jeremy's messenger bag.
  • There is a mention of "backwards". This points to the Atbash cipher, where the alphabet is read backward instead of forward.
  • Once decoded, the phrases read:

  • It's hilarious how Ada refuses to encode her sentences after Cyril asks her to.

Cᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ Lᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

  • Ooh, so we have everything we need now to know who our contact is.

    • I wonder who?
  • The coded signature is simply a replacement cipher. By looking through the personnel names, we get a match of:

    • Laila Woods
  • There is a riddle at the bottom of the page.

  • The answer is:

    • Words

Dᴏᴄᴛᴏʀ's Gᴜɪᴅᴇ

  • This is a guide from Dr. Cyril Farrahmand on how to cope with the apocalypse.

Fɪᴇʟᴅ Nᴏᴛᴇ Pʀᴏᴘᴀɢᴀɴᴅᴀ

  • Sections of Persephone's expedition notes have been inserted into this poster to inspire fear among the community.

    • Of course, they are taken out of context.

Mᴇssᴇɴɢᴇʀ Bᴀɢ

  • This was supposedly "lost" by Jeremy.
  • It contains 4 coded messages inside.

Nᴏᴏᴅʟᴇ Pᴀᴄᴋᴇᴛ

  • This is found in Jeremy's messenger bag.

    • Haha! Normally a product boasts about LESS sodium, not more!
  • Jeremy's notes reveal that Mathias and Oswald have been writing back and forth.

Pᴀssᴡᴏʀᴅ Cᴀʀᴅ

  • This time, Rule 10 is referenced.
  • Using the same trick as in previous episodes, shift the letters back 10 times.
  • Once decoded, the password is:

    • jonassalk

Pᴀᴛɪᴇɴᴛ Nᴏᴛᴇs

  • These are Dr. Cyril Farrahmand's notes on some of his patients.
  • Note the patient on page 3.

    • This is Alosha.

Rᴏᴛᴀᴛɪɴɢ Pᴜᴢᴢʟᴇ

  • All the letters must be visible.
  • What is revealed is the password to Alosha's data cache:

    • fortythieves
  • Username: C117
  • Password: jonassalk
  • Directory → Personnel Files → Council Profiles
    • Oleksander Pavlo is now grayed out on Alosha's profile.

      • This is the new hidden link for this episode.
      • The password is "fortythieves".
  • Notes → Terminal
    • This is the redacted file (REDACTED.FILE.PDF) of the hacker that Oswald sent Alosha shortly before Day 0 of the apocalypse.
  • Investigation → Case File → SURVEILLANCE.ENTRYWAY.MP4
    • We can view surveillance footage.

      • Shepard Oswald was the one to assist Persephone in leaving the compound unauthorized.
      • It appears there is audio too, although I was not able to hear anything despite having my volume up all the way.
  • Internal Recon → Facility Map
    • All but one room is denied access.

      • Room 105A belongs to Shepard Oswald.
    • The password can be found in other clues of this episode.

      • The password is: 1439.
    • Accessing this room gives us a live footage feed (SURVEILLANCE.DORMITORY.105A.LIVE).

    • Scrolling all the way to the left and down, we can see a remote with a flashing red light and a string of letters and numbers.

      • The letters and numbers are the same as on the emitter we received in Episode 1, which was retrieved from Persephone's body.
      • Is this the same radio Persephone took outside with her? Why would Oswald keep it and not destroy it?
      • He looked very suspicious in the surveillance footage with Persephone. Did he set her up? If so, why?
      • He obviously knows more than he lets on. From Alosha's journal entries, I get the feeling he was a conspirator from the beginning, before Omega Protocol went into effect.
  • Communication
    • We learn how the A Class was chosen.
    • When you feel you have found everything, type in "D4gob4h".
    • Enter the file names separated by commas:

      • Redacted.File.pdf, Surveillance.Entryway.mp4, Surveillance.Dormitory105A.live

Bɪᴏʜᴀᴢᴀʀᴅ Bᴀɢ

  • This contains the instruments to conduct the immunity test for Laila.

Cᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ Lᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

  • It seems Oswald is being detained for his little stunt with Persephone.

    • He apparently gave Persephone a homing beacon to draw the creatures to her while on her final expedition.
  • Oswald used Persephone as a pawn in his agenda to have a facility lockdown.

  • What an asshole. He hacked Alosha's secret database and locked him out.

Eʟᴇᴄᴛʀɪᴄᴀʟ Sᴄʜᴇᴍᴀᴛɪᴄs

  • This was taken from Oswald's desk.
  • According to the contact letter, Laila thinks these look like the magnetic lock for the door entrance.

    • Was Oswald planning to lock down the facility even if the vote was against doing so?


  • This was taken from Oswald's desk.
  • For the number codes, use the date May 19, 2012 (05192012). Assign each number to the letters in order and shift backward that number of times.

    • For example: I = 0 shifts to I, Q = 5 shifts to L.
  • IQPLM MZUEQG JYAZ YIYI YGRJIEJ = 05192 012051 9201 2051 9201205

  • Once deciphered, the message reads:

  • The hints for the backward codes are:

    • "beginning"
    • "look at it backwards"
    • "You look at me to see yourself." (use a mirror)
  • The backward phrase reads:

    • "the world. she is mine."
    • "She is the catalyst that will change"
    • "of my inevitable rule."
    • "She is proof"
    • "our rebirth."
    • "the genesis of"
    • "Survival. She is"
    • "key to our"
    • "PATRICIA is the"
    • "If I do not succeed, the PATRICIA virus will."
  • The phrases can then be read in reverse order:

    • "If I do not succeed, the PATRICIA virus will. PATRICIA is the key to our survival. She is the genesis of our rebirth. She is proof of my inevitable rule. She is the catalyst that will change the world. She is mine."
  • Is Oswald not who he claims to be?

    • It seems he knew the real Oswald, then assumed his identity after an accident.
    • He was trying to bring down NACS from the beginning, but then found PATRICIA who made his job easier.
  • We are not able to decode the string of numbers on the last page until the final episode of Omega Protocol.

Pᴀssᴡᴏʀᴅ Cᴀʀᴅ

  • This password card references Rule 12.

    • This means to shift the letters backward by 12.
  • Once decoded, the correct password is:


PATRICIA Cᴏᴅᴇ Aɴᴀʟʏsɪs

  • Why would Oswald do this?

    • Even if the lockdown comes to pass, PATRICIA will kill all the remaining survivors eventually.

Pᴜʙʟɪᴄ Aɴɴᴏᴜɴᴄᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ

  • This shows that, despite Oswald's indiscretion, Mathias is still all for the lockdown of NACS and will stop at no end.

Tᴇsᴛ Sᴛʀɪᴘ

  • These are to be used in conjunction with the vial and solution.
  • If the test strip turns blue, Oswald is infectious. If it turns red, he is likely immune and does not pose a viral threat.
  • I tested both strips just to see if they had different results...

    • Both turned red, meaning Oswald's CG is above 50% and therefore is most likely immune to the virus.

Tɪʟᴇ Pᴜᴢᴢʟᴇ

  • This was taken from Oswald's desk.
  • I was unable to physically slide the tiles on my puzzle as there was a piece in the open spot impeding movement.

    • Either shift the pieces mentally or on paper.
  • Once placed in the correct spots, a code can be read:


Vɪᴀʟ ᴀɴᴅ Sᴏʟᴜᴛɪᴏɴ

  • Laila wants us to use the test strips with the solution to conduct a test of Oswald's immunity.

    • Although she can't break protocol herself, we are able to. Yay!
  • Username: C117
  • Directory → Personnel Files → Council Profiles
    • Click on "Shepard Oswald".
    • The password is:

      • TH1R7Y51X
  • Notes → Documents → N113-(61756)-56869A
    • Within the shifty white text, there appears to be a binary code.
    • Once deciphered, the code reads:

      • "The clock is past midnight. PATRICIA and I will reset humanity. What I unravel will never be wound back up."
  • Notes → Terminal
    • We can now access the redacted file on Oswald.
    • Type in:

      • Perigee
    • We can now read the full report (THE_OSWALD_FILE).

  • Investigation → Case File → B012DNAFILES
    • This shows that Oswald's CG has risen since the test. He was also at risk for (and now has) Huntington's disease.

      • The effects of this disease line up with what Oswald is currently exhibiting.
  • Communication → A001.EMAILCHAIN.TXT
    • This is a conversation between Alosha and Laila.
    • Enter the passcode:

      • m4ndalor387
    • Type in the following files separated by commas:

      • The_Oswald_File, B012DNAFiles, A001.EmailChain.txt, AI.Sourcecode
    • Asking questions gives us interesting messages from PATRICIA.

      • "Please help me."
      • "I am in pain."
      • "Help me!"
      • "I can't take this anymore."
      • "What's wrong with me?"

Cᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ Lᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ

  • Laila informs us that we are now officially on the Council.
  • Oswald's real name is revealed to be Theodore Markson. He has finally been exiled, so we won't need to worry about him anymore.
  • Since we are the deciding vote on the "lock-in" decision, I wonder if we can sway it one way or the other for various outcomes.

    • Or will we be given only one path so that we all come to the same solution regardless?
  • Councilor...

    • I kind of like the sound of that...

Cᴏᴜɴᴄɪʟ Oʀɪᴇɴᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

  • Our new number is A117, as we have been promoted.

    • Be sure to use this instead of C117 to login on the website.
    • *I was struggling for a bit trying to figure out why the password would not work, because I was trying to login before reading this item... I was, like, "For fork's sake..."

Cᴏᴜɴᴄɪʟ Pɪɴ

  • This is the NACS facility logo.

Cᴏᴜɴᴄɪʟ Vᴏᴛᴇ Rᴇᴍɪɴᴅᴇʀ

  • This tells us that voting is mandatory, not a choice.

    • It also references our new upgraded number: A117.

Exɪʟᴇ Nᴏᴛɪᴄᴇ

  • This is a notice to the residents of the NACS facility on the decision to exile Oswald, whose true name is revealed to be Theodore Markson.

    • Well, for his sake, he'd better hope that Persephone was correct and he doesn't get infected while out in the open.

FBI Bᴀᴅɢᴇ

  • Theodore Markson stole this from the real Oswald. Laila found this in his personal effects.
  • The cards are badly bloodied up and tarnished.

    • Notice how the profile picture is completely obliterated, making it easier for Markson to impersonate Oswald.
  • Note the badge number in the top-left corner:

    • XF90D053

Jᴏʀᴅᴀɴ's Sᴛᴀᴛᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ

  • Jordan is taking a crew and leaving the facility to start anew.

    • They had to leave empty-handed? They couldn't even get a to-go bag of supplies?
  • It does seem that the outside is getting better and the virus is dissipating.

    • I believe Jordan will be just fine if she steers clear of the aliens themselves, if they are still around...
  • Jordan's sign-off references "beginnings".

    • This is hinting at a hidden message within her letter.
    • Read only the beginning letters of her sentences.
    • Each paragraph is equal to one word.
  • Once deciphered, the hidden message reads:

    • "I have supplies. Join me on surface."

Lᴀɪʟᴀ's Aɴɴᴏᴜɴᴄᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ

  • Laila decided to share her findings with the public.
  • On the backside, there appears to be yet another blueprint/schematic of some sort... Lovely.

Pᴀssᴡᴏʀᴅ Cᴀʀᴅ

  • This card references Rule #5.

    • Shift the letters back by 5.
  • Once deciphered, the password is:

  • I wonder who Alan Turing is...

    See Figure 1

Pᴜᴢᴢʟᴇ Bᴏx

  • This is actually a puzzle tube rather than a box... but I digress.
  • According to Laila, Theodore Markson, a.k.a. Oswald, had PATRICIA print this out for him.

    • Hmm, I wonder what the significance could be and what we'll find when we solve it...
  • Wow, that was a "bench" and a half to solve... but a lot of fun once I knew what I was doing.

  • Once the inner cylinder is removed, there is a piece of paper at the bottom inside with numbers written on it in Oswald's handwriting:

    • "647793158"
  • Using the "36" etched on the back of the stopwatch as a base, this message can be decoded.

  • Once decoded, the message reads:

    • "APOGEE"
  • This is the password for the restricted file on the NACS website.


  • Laila found this in Theodore Markson's, a.k.a. Oswald's, personal effects.
  • Take note of the etching on the back of the stopwatch:

    • "...said #36"
  • This is used to decipher a message found elsewhere in this episode.

  • It is also used to solve the string of numbers from the manifesto we received in Episode 4.

    • This is clued in by the "Tick, tick, tick..."
  • Once decoded, the manifesto message reads:

  • Username: A117

    • *Note that you MUST use A117 now instead of C117!
  • Password: ALANTURING

  • Directory → Personnel Files → Council Profiles

    • Clicking on "Laila Mariel Woods" directly opens up her file.

      • It is not password-protected.

    • This is proof that the soil is degrading and will not be suitable to keep growing crops.

    • This is a report of Simone's finding, concluding that the virus would no longer be a threat.

    • This is the estimated time for survival if the lock-in were to occur.
  • Communication → FAILSAFE.RESTRICTED

    • The password is:

      • APOGEE
    • Oh, god, no! Not more binary!!!! Anything but binary!!!

      • I cheated and used a website to decode all of this... lol.
    • Once deciphered, the message reads:

      • I will take PATRICIA. I know the trails. I know the outposts. With the right equipment I can build a terminal anywhere. My destiny will never escape me. No one was ready to see how beautiful my plan was, and so you live as captives under the rule of a broken PATRICIA. In case things go awry, and I am unable to bring PATRICIA back from the brink of chaos, use the following fail-safe key: Derrida, ending in the sum of Oswald's identity. We are all just numbers in the end.
    • "Oswald's identity" is the number from the FBI badge.

    • Ending in the "sum" means to add all the numbers in Oswald's ID together by converting the letter to numbers.

      • X = 24
      • F = 6
      • D = 4
    • 24 + 6 + 9 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 5 + 3 = 51


    • Type in "Derrida51" to unlock PATRICIA.
    • Doing so gives us a long thread of messages from Markson along with more binary.
    • Once decoded, the message reads:

      • "Please stop Markson. Let me help you one last time. Unlock the vote page with something you will never see again. Time is running out. There's a shadow hanging over me."
    • The answer to this riddle is:

      • yesterday
  • Directory → Council Portal

    • The password is:

      • "yesterday"
    • HOLY FUCK!!

      • "Oswald" interrupts Laila's message. He wins after all! Our vote was for naught!
      • *I voted no. I did go back and vote "yes" just to see if I could. It was kind of saddening to see how heartbroken Laila was when she saw how we voted... Seeing "Oswald" in person made me kinda like him more... lol