"I've got it at last."

Riley stood there near the entrance to the mental asylum where he almost died. In his grip was the first Object. After going nearly insane, the Holder had smiled and placed the Object in his grip, a skull made of obsidian. He was then transported to the entrance.

Rubbing his head, he sighed and walked back to his car. Swarms of horrifying images raced through his mind, but none of them mattered. He had it now, and nothing was going to stand in his way.

Not even Legion himself.

Chapter 1: The Hellish World of Riley

"Sir, give me the Object, or die!"

The assassin raised his gun to Riley's temple. It had been two months since he had last received the first Object. Now he had acquired the second one, and was on his way to the third before a mercenary hired by a lazy Seeker ambushed him. "Suit yourself," he sighed and handed him the first Object.

The assassin had seen many terrors before in his underground work but nothing like this. It ignited his worst thoughts, his nightmares, his memories. Screaming in pain, the would-be killer stumbled back, hands clasped to his head. Tripping him, he pushed him back - straight into a ravine. The howls of the falling man echoed into the air, until they fell silent. Grinning, he picked up the skull and felt the familiar power seep into him once more.

"Well, that's a shame. I guess I'd better get going now," Riley said. Better see how Kate's doing.

Kate was in fact Object number 2. He had named her Kate, and led her out of her room. Now he had kind of "adopted" her as his wife, to aide him in his quest of power.

"Time to get the third Object after this," Riley snarled evilly.

For though his teeth may have been white, his heart was black.