Sweep Complete

Iteration- [189]

Sample range- [Entirety] of [Western Hemisphere]

Results- [8]


- - - RESULTS - - -


Result- 1/8

Identification- 01:03

Location- Spokane, Washington


Details- Letter sent from Dr. [REDACTED], Joshua P. to CDC

Relevant section follows.

... All I could ascertain was that [REDACTED] had been watching TV at 5:38 PM. He was very specific about it being that time. Apparently, at that time, all of the power in [REDACTED]'s house went out for a few seconds. When it came back on, all his TV showed was a barren landscape, in which the sky was red and the sun was white. Scared, [REDACTED] says that he unplugged the TV, but the picture remained. After telling me this, [REDACTED] burst into tears, and it took me a few minutes to calm him down. Although I managed to placate him somewhat, [REDACTED] was still fairly incoherent. He said something about a figure on the screen, cloaked in black, skipping around. Those were his words. One second it would be a speck in the background, the next it would be right up against the screen, like it was trying to get out (once again, these were his words). This continued for a few minutes, [REDACTED] was shivering and whimpering from fear, obviously deeply traumatized by the event. He said that he heard the words "EDO", "EDI", and "ESSUM" over and over again, getting louder every time. [REDACTED]'s shivering became even more violent. When I asked him what the words meant to him, he screamed, horribly, before falling into what appears to be a semi-catatonic state, mumbling something. I can't quite make it out but they almost sound like lines in a poem.

On a side note, I looked up EDO EDI ESSUM - apparently it's Latin. It loosely translates to DEVOURER. I still don't have any idea what this means.

Here's what I can make out from what [REDACTED] was muttering:

"In barren, blasted void we pray,

The UNCREATION's doom to stay."

Relevant section terminates.


Result- 2/8

Identification- 20:01

Location- Saskatoon, Canada


DETAILS- Transcript from police interview on 11/31/[REDACTED] between MARIA [REDACTED] and LIEUTENANT [REDACTED]

Relevant section follows.

MARIA: [Inaudible]

LIEUTENANT: Please speak into the microphone, Maria.

MARIA: I can hear him.


MARIA: [grows increasingly louder] Him! The DEVOURER! The ETERNAL VOID! The consumer of all, you insolent worm! He's disgusted by you! All of you!

[MARIA lunges across the table at LIEUTENANT [REDACTED], biting his upper arm and removing some skin. Several workers come in, and after holding her down, inject her with a mild sedative. After LIEUTENANT [REDACTED]'s arm is bandaged, the interview continues.]

LIEUTENANT: Why don't you start from the beginning, Maria?

MARIA: [Speech slurring] I was at my house... I went outside... into the snow... but it wasn't snow...

LIEUTENANT: It wasn't snow?

MARIA: [Slurred] Nuh-uh. It was all... frozen over, all solid. And I didn't want to... slip, so I went back inside.

LIEUTENANT: Is that all that happened?

MARIA: Then I saw him.


MARIA: He was by the fireplace... I felt him... All the fire turned black... and then my whole house started turning black-and-white... like old movies... And then I heard him. He said... all kinds of things... about UNCREATIONS... [She smiles at this point] EDO EDI ESSUM... [Inaudible]


[The lights go out.]

[When the lights came back on, LIEUTENANT [REDACTED] and MARIA [REDACTED] were both dead where they sat. Only a skeleton remained of MARIA. On the other hand, LIEUTENANT [REDACTED]'s corpse showed signs that he had been dead since around 5:30 PM, which is almost the exact time at which LIEUTENANT [REDACTED] picked MARIA up from her home.

"In the darkness incarnate, ether of death,

Souls stop turning, drawing final breath."

[The author of this transcript does not recall writing the preceding two lines.]

Relevant section terminates.


Result- 3/8

Identification- 18:18

Location- St. George, Utah


Details- Account of Officer [REDACTED] upon arriving at the [REDACTED] neighborhood of St. George.

Relevant section follows.

Jesus. Jesus Christ. I still can't believe what I saw out there. All of those people... Jesus. I was just taking over the beat, patrolling the neighborhood like I always do, when I noticed everything seemed quieter than usual. Everything was dead silent. There weren't any kids playing outside, nobody watching TV or out on a bike ride or anything. It's like everything became a ghost town. It wasn't until I turned into the town square that I saw them. All of them. Men, women, children - everyone in the neighborhood was just standing there, staring at me. None of them spoke, none of them moved, nothing. I don't think they even breathed. They all just walked toward me, with these blank expressions on their faces. All I could hear was their footsteps. And a voice. There was a voice in my head. It said something about a LOCK and KEY, and something called PRIMAL NOTHING. The voice was at once getting louder and less comprehensible, and all the people were getting closer. I swear, I've never felt more scared in my life. My heart was up in my throat, just seeing their faces. I swear, it's indescribably. Those blank expressions, it was like... hell, I don't know what it was like. I don't know if something to compare it to even exists. They just got closer and closer, huddled around my car. And then they all started pounding on my car, all at once, in unison. I don't know how I know this, but I'm absolutely certain they hit my car THIRTY-TWO times. I don't know why that's important, but I somehow feel like it is. But then, after they finished beating their hands on my car, they all fell over, limp. There must have been fifty people in the neighborhood, and all of them just fell in unison, just like that. I didn't need the paramedics to tell me that they were dead. After that I radioed in and came back ad he came back with me. What? No. Yes. He did. It's true. But- No! He's here now. And now there's a rhyme like a nursery rhyme I loved nursery rhymes and mommy said mommy told me to be a good boy mommy said

"Antithesis of matter, opposite of life,

Lamentations through glass, screaming and strife."

Relevant section terminates.


[WARNING: System Corruption Detected.]

Result- 4/8

Identification- 05:14

Location- Liberal, Kansas


Details- Interview with John [REDACTED]

Relevant section follows.

[REDACTED]: Now, John, tell us what happened.

JOHN: Jesus Christ, where to begin... I was out of town on a business trip. Going to New Jersey. I came back and... Oh god.

[REDACTED]: Please continue, John.

JOHN: It was... a bloodbath. My friends and neighbors... they were slaughtering each other, butchering each other. But that's not quite accurate. Only half were doing the killing. The other half just stood there and died. They didn't resist. They didn't do anything. Even as they got torn apart, they did nothing. And then... [Vomiting]

[REDACTED]: And then what, John?

JOHN: I noticed it. I saw that the ones getting killed didn't have eyes. In fact they... they looked dead already. Their skin was all gray and dead. But then as they got killed, the ones who slaughtered them started to change too. Their eyes fell out, and they turned gray and dead, just like the ones they killed, but they didn't kill each other.

[REDACTED]: How many were left?

JOHN: Well, there were sixty-four in my neighborhood, including me... half of them got killed. There were THIRTY-TWO.

[REDACTED]: How do you know?

JOHN: I don't know how, okay? I just do.

[REDACTED]: Never mind. So then what happened?

JOHN: Well, I was still parked a safe distance away... and they couldn't see me... so I just kept watching. Once they'd killed everyone, they... [Vomiting]

[REDACTED]: What did they do, John?

JOHN: They dipped their hands in the dead people's blood. Just lined up in an orderly fashion... And then they started drawing things on the ground. I couldn't see, but I thought it looked like the OMEGA symbol. Just OMEGA, over and over and over again. There must have been hundreds of the symbols by the time they finished. They covered the whole square.

[REDACTED]: And then?

JOHN: He's here.

[REDACTED]: I'm sorry?

JOHN: EDO EDI ESSUM! [A table is overturned] EDO EDI ESSUM! DEVOURER! ETERNAL VOID! [Screams and ripping flesh can be heard]

JOHN: [Laughing] I'm the THIRTY-SECOND... I'm the THIRTY-SECOND...

[Voice changes suddenly, now barely recognizable as JOHN's]

"Resurrection imminent, behold the final day,

Echoed the TWO and THIRTY, THIRTY-TWO to stay."

Relevant section terminates.


[ALERT: Containing System Corruption.]

Result- 5/8

Identification- 21:09

Location- Fargo, North Dakota


Details- Recording of Masha [REDACTED], Fargo Mental Institution. Tape was found under the mattress of Masha's bed.

Relevant section follows.

They're everywhere. His THRALLS. I didn't want to stab him in the knee, I really didn't! You have to believe me! I was going for his stomach, but he moved. Why can't you see? He's got no eyes! Why can't you see that? The DEVOURER's gotten to him! He's not human anymore! You might think he's just an orderly, you might think you're doing the right thing by putting me in this rubber room, but you're not! Why are you so stupid? Why can't you see? I was like you, once. It happened when I was reading. I was reading my book, and all the ink started to change. It swirled and swirled, until it spelled something else. It said "EDO EDI ESSUM" over and over and over and over and over and over again. Don't you see? He's coming! Coming for me! Mark my words, I'll be dead tomorrow for telling you this. I just... He's nothing. PRIMAL NOTHING. CREATED UNCREATION. He just consumes everything. Nothing'll be left. Not you, not your family, not your friends, not your little dog, either! Nothing! Nothing will escape. Even light can't. Color. Sound. I can see it happening now - everything's getting duller. I can't hear very well. Everything's going black-and-white. I feel old. So old. But how? Why? I'm just twenty-thr... oh, shit. He's here. He's really here. He's coming now, because I've said too much. Quick, I have to... [Rustling can be heard, presumably the sound of the tape being shoved under the mattress. The following is muffled greatly.] No! Please no! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! Please don't! Just - [The sound of fingernails scratching the ground is barely audible.] The truth is written in blood!

[A deep, inhuman voice replaces Masha's.]

"At moment of creation, you'll find dear THIRTY-TWO.

DEVOURER waits trapped where lies become true."

[Masha was never found. A blacklight search of her room revealed glyphs of unknown origin drawn in blood all across the walls of her room, as well as the twenty-foot-high ceiling. The only even vaguely recognizable marking was an OMEGA sign. The blood's DNA did not match Masha's.]

Relevant section terminates.


[WARNING: ContĄ̶̕͡͝Į̷Ń͢ment Failed]

R̛E̸͏̡͞S̴̛ult- 6/8

IdentificA͢T͘̕͜͢͠I̧̡̕͘Ơ̛̕͟N̷͞ 19:06

Location- San Jose, CaliF̴͝͠͏͞O͜͠Ŕ̷̸͝Ǹ̨ia


Details- Page frO͏̢̀Ḿ̛̛̛ the medical journal of Dr. J̷́͟A͟Ḿ̕̕es [RED̵̶̛̕À̡̕͢C͜͠T̨̀͢͟ED]

Relevant S͏̶́̕E̛̛͏C̷̸̵͜͝T̴͘͟͡I̴̵҉Ó̵͟͏̧N̶҉ ͘͜F̨̢́́O͏̛L̕͟͡͠lows.

I can't say I remember when he stumbled in, but it was just around the time my shift ended. Call it 5:30. My lA̷̧͝S̴T́͢͞͝͠ client had left. I was on my way out, just leaving, when suddenly someone ran into me. He was Ǫ̴B̧̕͡V̴͢͠Ì̶̕͜Ò́̀͜͢usly running, because he knocked me over, and sprawled out on top of me. I looked up at him, into the face of someone who must have been 85 years old. He started screaming at me, telling me that I had to help him, that it was critically important. He pulled me up - the guy sȨ̛́͘E̵̵̵͘͢Ḿ̶̡̕͜È͜͡D̴́͜ ̶̨͢҉A̴̧͘͘ ͘L̨̛ot stronger than an 85-year-old. Which is because, as it happens, he wasn't. When I managed to calm him down and we got to my office, he told me he was twenty-four years old. I was absolutely T̴́A̢̕K͜͡͏̢҉Ę̸͝N̷̨̡̛͝ ̨͢͟͡A͏́B̵̡͘͟ack when he told me this. He was skinny and frail, with sunken eyes, liver spots, and wrinkles. I didn't believe him at first, and asked him for his social security number, which he gave me. It turns out that he was telling the truth. Gregory [Ŕ̷̡̕È͢D͘͜͢A҉̕҉̵́C͏͡͏͘T̶̀͜E҉̶͟͠D̴́]̕͟͟͡͞,̨͜͝ ̀͏̡̀́A̶̡̛͟͠G̶̕e twenty-four. It was unbelievable. He showed me his driver's license, which corroborated the information, and I had no choice but to believe him. As he spoke, Gregory became more and more nervous, more agitated. He seemed to close up completely when I asked him how he'd come to look so old. I don't remember most of his story, a lot of it didn't make sense to me. As I recall, he said that he was out looking for a "HOLDER" (I don't know what this is) and he came upon a man cloaked in black. Only he said it wasn't really a man, it was more of an entity. At any rate, he said, the figure didn't seem entiR̨̧E̵̛͜͟L͜Y̕͜҉͘͢ ͢͟͝R̷̢͠E҉̵̧͜A̴͘L̛, as if it were flitting in and out of corporeality. After that, he was just silent. Obviously, Gregory was delusional, fabricating some reality that doesn't exist. On the other hand, I didn't have any way to explain how he aged like that.

I was able to put it out of my mind until a couple hours ago, when I sat down at my computer to check on some old records. My screen saver had changed. I couldn't make it out, but it looked like there was some kind of wasteland. With a red sky, and a bleached white sun. And in the background was this massive TOWER. I felt this horrifying, irrational fear, and then my computer started to emit this ear-piercing sound. It was the single most terrifying experience I've ever had. I could just barely make out words... things like DEVOURER and ETERNAL VOID. I was shivering all over, like someone had dipped my bones in liquid nitrogen. I imagine the noise is still going on, but I can't hear it anymore. Compared to the noise, puncturing my eardrums with my pen actually wasn't so bad. I'm a little nauseous looking at the blood, but I can deal with the pain. Of course now... Oh dear. He's here. And you know what? I'll go. I'm done being here, with the rest of you. I want to be a THRALL. Master, can't I? Please? What? Okay, I'll let them know.

He says I need to put this down first.

"You run, you hide, you beg for release,

The description and consumption transpire with ease."

Relevant section terminates.

NeẂ̶̕͢ ̛̕͟͏͠Y̡͝͝O͜͜͏̸R̀͜k.tX̛Ţ̵

[ W͏͏A̢̛R̸̨N͡͡ ing: CoR̕͝R̛̛͝U̴͜P̢̢͞͏T̕͡I̵̡̨͟Ó̶͟͠͠N̨̨͝͞ C̸͟͠Ą́ tastroP̶̡̧͠H̶̢͢҉̴Í̵̷̢Ḉ̸͜ ]

R̛E̸͏̡͞S̴̛ult- 7/8

I̷͡D̵҉̸͜͠E̶͜N̷̢T̷̸ificA͢T͘̕͜͢͠I̧̡̕͘Ơ̛̕͟N̷͞ 00:05

Lo Ç̵̢̡A̷͘͝Ţ͜I̴̧̛̛on- SpringfI̢̢̕͡E̡L̷̢̡̛D̵̴,̷ ̵̢͟͝͞M҉̨̕I̵̢͟͡S҉̢̨̧souri.


D̶҉͡È҉T̵̷̢͟͝A͢͜I̴͘͠L̕҉S̸͟- AcC̶̀Ơ͠U̸̢N̛̛̕Ţ̧͡͝ ̵̡̀͠O͝͠F͟͝ ̸̧̀͘À̴̶̀͘ ̨͘S̢̧̀͞U̧͢R̀͏̴V̵̧̧͝ivor of the New Y̴̵̵̶̕O̷̴͘͢R̛͡K̨̀͏̡ ͢͡I͡͠N̶̨͘Ć̢́͘͜Í̶̶̧͝D͟͝҉.

R̶̀͡È͟҉̷L͏̷̷E̸҉V̷͠A̸N̨͟͡T̀́͟͞͠ ̶͜͡͝S̴̢̨E̸̛̕͝Ç͠Ţ͡͝҉̡I̶̢̛͡O̶͘Ń̸̴̕͟ ̢̧̀͟͏F̨͞Ǫ̸L̡L̶̢̛͟O̸̷̡W̛͏̶́̕S̴̢͝.

Honestly, I don't know where to start. Where to begin. I shouldn't have lived through it, but I did. I'll be frank - if you guys hadn't put me in that padded room, I would have killed myŞ̛͞È̢͝͝L̸̷͟҉̸F̷͜͠ ̴̸͘͞À̸ ͠҉L̨͟͟͞O̕͢N̷̛͢͟G̸̢ ̡͟T̷I̧͠͏̴̨ime ago. People aren't supposed to see stuff like that. Aren't supposed to see those Ĺ͟É͟͞G̡͞͠Į̨̡͏͘O̢̕͠͡Ń̸͟͏̴S̀̀͘͢ ̴̷̡̢̀O͜͝҉͠͞f… things. People, but with no eyes. T̸̨̕͘H̴̷̡͘O̸͜Ừ̕Ś̸̨̕͡Á̴͠N̷͢͞͠D̀͢͜S̸͜ ̴͡Ơ̛̛͞F̶̷̛ ̵̨́͢T̶́̀͘͡H͏̶͡҉É͝͝͏̀M̛.̡͝͠ ̷̡̕̕ ҉̡̡M͜Ì͘͞͏L̴̴̛͟͝L̸̨̡͘I͘͡ǪŅ̛͘Ş̶,̨̢̕ ̢͘͢M̶̷̛̕À҉̕͢Y̷̶͟͢͠. Look, I'd been to plenty of HOLDERs. I had quite a few OBJECTs. But nothing, nothing even remotely compared. The sky started to turn red, the kind of red you think it'd turn when the wO͜R͞L҉͏͜D̢́͟͞͞ ̶̨E̷̸̡͢͢N̴̵͏̵͡D̢̀͢͏E̵̸̡̛͢D̢͘͢͟͜.͢ ̴̶̨̛͝ ͟͞A̕͢͟Ǹ͘͝D̵͞ ̶̴͟͝T̀҉͘͞҉H͡E̶͘͝͝ ̧̢͠S̸̷͝U͟Ņ̵̵ ̶҉W̧͏̷̀͝Á̵S̶̡͡ ̸̡͜A̴̧͜͜Ļ͜͝L̵͞ ̵̡͟W͜҉H̶͏I̵͟͞te, like marble. And these... THRALLs just kept coming. And then... Jesus. And then I saw their leader. He... no, that's not the right word. I don't even feel right calling that monster an "it". I W͘͠͝͏Ą̵̴S͢҉̨̧ ́̕͝W͢͠҉̨A̢̨̨͡T̷̛͘C̵̵̵̢͟H̵̨̡̛̕I̡͟N̡͠G̶̴ from the trapdoor to my basement, barely cracking it open, but I think the thing still saw me. As soon as I looked at the crea T̡̡͘͘͟U̵R͟͏̵͘͠E̕͢͠,̡͞͡ ҉̧̛̀͟I̵̷ ͟F̶͜͡͞͝E̸̴̵̕L̛͘͠T̢̡̢͠ ̶̶͏̷L̵͜͜I̸͠K̴͘E̷ ̵̛͝A͏̵̢͝҉ ͟҉̡͢Ṕ̵̴͝͝A͏͝͏̸͞R͝͏̀T̕͝ ҉͏̀͠͠Ó̴҉҉F̴̶̡̀ ̵҉̡M̴̵̀̀E͢͜ ̵̢̕͢͡D̵́͜I̢͘Ę̶́͞D̸̛͟ ̵̴͟͠T̴̡̕͡Ḩ̸̛́E҉̵̕͜N̶͝ ̸̸̛͝A̴̡͜͞N̷̡͘͞͏D̸̕ ̨̡͏͏T̵̡͞H̨̕͠͝È̴͞͡R̛͞È̶͟͜.̕͡ ͏ ̛͏̶̸Ĺ͡Į̸Ḱ̶̀È̢̛͟͜ ҉̷͡I͢҉͜T͟͏̸ ̀͟ R͏̶̧I͘͘͢͡͝P͏̡͘P̵̡̧É̕D̴͡͝ ҉̶̴̡A̢͝W̴̛A͘͝Y̴̨ ̷̨̀͝A͞ ͜͜͝Ļ̀҉I͏̶̛T҉̵̕͟͞Ţ̶̸̵̛L̴̕͞E͏͏͠ ̨̡B̷͘I̸̵͝T̛͞ ̴̸̨͢Ò̶̧͞F̧́͟ ̛͟͜͢͟M͘͘Ỳ̧̧ ̛́͢͝ŞO̧̧͟͜Ų͢Ļ̴̛͡͝.̶͏̴̡͟ ͘͜ ̷̵̨͟I̧͝ ̨̛W̧̨̛͞O҉͜N̵̨̕͝'̸̢͘͡T͏̧ ̡̡̕L͡͞҉̢I̸̧̨͝E̕͘̕͡,̸̵́͘͡ ̴͘Í̸̷ ̷͞C̡҉́R̸̢̢̛̕I̴̴͘É̡͢D̢͜ ̵ L̷̶͘͟I̧͝K͜͞E̸͡ ̕͟Ą͝ ̵̧҉̧B̢̢A̵̧̢B̸̵̕͘͟Y͜͟.̀̕ ͝҉̨́ ̡̕͞Į̴ ̷͜͏Ṕ̨́̀͟Ŗ͠A͟͡ĆT̸̵̛̛I͡C̢̧̡̕A͟͟͞L҉͟Ļ̴̛͠Y̵̨̢ fell trying to get the rest of the way down the stairs, trying to get as far away from that... thing as possible. I don't know how long I sat there - hours, days, weeks - listening to the footsteps of those creatures above me. I started to hear something, too. A voice. But it just repeated itself. EDO EDI ESSUM. EDO EDI ESSUM. EDO EDI ESSUM. I couldn't hear myself scream. A̕͡N̷̷̨͞D̢͟͏̷ ̴͟͝T̴́H͢͞È̡͟͡N̷͢͝͡ ͜҉̡̛I̸͡ ̸͜W͘̕͟A̸̴̢S̢͘͢͝ ̵̢̧́́H͘̕̕͜E̶͠R̷̀͝E͜͡. But even though we're all the way here in Missouri, I can still hear the voices. They talk about the LOCK and KEY, about the UNCREATION. But most of all, they just repeat a phrase. It sounds like lines from a poem.

"Our time is nigh, our hour impends.

Our time to begin, and our time to end."

Relevant section terminates.

[File Corrupted]

[WARNING: COR̶̛̛R҉͠U̷͘P͏̨͘͞͝TION FÁ̢͝T̢́Ą̸͢͞L]

[SYSTE̶̷͡M̷̵̛͘ ̶̴̢͡F͝҉̴̕À̶̕͟͝I̵̡͠͞ILURE]

Ŕ̨͝҉Ȩ̢͟͏Ş͜͏Ų̛͘͟L҉̷̨̀T̴҉̕̕"- 8̨̨́̀͡/͏̧8̵̨͘͡͠

Į̶́͘͝Ḑ́E̵̛͘͞͡N҉҉̷͘T͘͟I̵̢͘͞͞F̀̕͜͝͝I̢C̸̀͘̕A͠͏T̴̛I̷̧O̴̶͢Ń́:̷̷͞ -̶̛͝͡͞-̴̨̛̛͞:̷̨24

Lo Ç̵̢̡A̷͘͝Ţ͜I̴̧̛̛on- [̡͢͢͡͏C̸̸̕͡Ớ͟͞R̡̢͞R̶̡̀U̸̡̡̢͡Ṕ̷̛͞͝T̛͜͝E̶̷̡̕͘D̶̕͠͠]̴̴͏̶͠

MaT̸̡͟C҉͜H̷̶̴͡҉es- [̡͢͢͡͏C̸̸̕͡Ớ͟͞R̡̢͞R̶̡̀U̸̡̡̢͡Ṕ̷̛͞͝T̛͜͝E̶̷̡̕͘D̶̕͠͠]̴̴͏̶͠

D̶҉͡È҉T̵̷̢͟͝A͢͜I̴͘͠L̕҉S̸͟- [̡͢͢͡͏C̸̸̕͡Ớ͟͞R̡̢͞R̶̡̀U̸̡̡̢͡Ṕ̷̛͞͝T̛͜͝E̶̷̡̕͘D̶̕͠͠]̴̴͏̶͠

R̶̀͡È͟҉̷L͏̷̷E̸҉V̷͠A̸N̨͟͡T̀́͟͞͠ ̶͜͡͝S̴̢̨E̸̛̕͝Ç͠Ţ͡͝҉̡I̶̢̛͡O̶͘Ń̸̴̕͟ ̢̧̀͟͏F̨͞Ǫ̸L̡L̶̢̛͟O̸̷̡W̛͏̶́̕S̴̢͝.

[static] If you're hearing this... [static] if anyone's still out there... this is a call to you. I've [static] for the past three years, researching [static]. I don't know if anyone in the world above is still alive. [Static] I don't have much time. To anyone, anyone at all who hears this, know that there's still hope. EDO EDI ESSUM's resurrection isn't imminent, isn't inevitable. We still have time. The LORD OF THE UNKNOWN is dead now, and only the EXECUTIONER's left. We have a chance. It's not too late. Show this to everyone you can, send this to everyone you know. With enough on our side, we can stop this. In any city, [static] country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. Somewhere, anywhere, draw an OMEGA sign, and inscribe an ALPHA within it. Then, tell the receptionist that LOGOS IS A LIE. They'll [static] door, and [static]... What happens next is up to you. Find your friends. Your neighbors. Family. Everyone you know. If we band together, we can stop the resurrection. Our future isn't set. There's still hope for u-

[WARNING: SYST̶̷̢͝E̷̕͜M͜͝ ̨͢͡F̧̛̀͘Á́I̢̨͜͢L̵̵̸̵͝U̴̢̢͠R̴̛E̢]









[SYSTEM FA̷͡I̴̡͘L͜Ę̶̕͡͝D̵̴]




Lost but found, shattered yet whole,

Alpha and Omega, split at the soul.

The Executioner waits with the others to join,

End and Beginning are just two sides of a coin.

Lost but found, shattered yet whole,

Alpha and Omega, split at the soul.

The Executioner waits with the others to join,

End and Beginning are just two sides of a coin.

Lost but found, shattered yet whole,

Alpha and Omega, split at the soul.

The Executioner waits with the others to join,

End and Beginning are just two sides of a coin.