Omega Protocol + Frequency

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Omega Protocol

Five years after the aliens released a deadly virus, those immune have taken up shelter in what was once an underground government facility. Welcome to NACS - North American Communications - facility, home to a few former employees, survivors who stumbled in from outside, and an A.I. system named PATRICIA. You are the most recent - and last - survivor to join NACS, and you are thrown into a world of fear, chaos, and political conspiracy. You are contacted by an anonymous resident to investigate these strange events.


A few years after the Council made a dramatic decision that affected all who lived in NACS, Jordan Kim and her scouts find that there is plenty to fear on the surface. You are resident 117, who left NACS during a second exodus and found yourself holed up in a ranger station, and you are once again pulled into a world where one mishap makes all the difference between life and death. With each cache dropped on your doorstep, you must use what you have at your disposal to make sure Jordan and her team not only stay alive, but discover the mystery of the alien threat. Can they truly be killed?

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