How to Be a Security Guard

Welcome to Security at Northfield Department Store. We are so thankful to have you on board with us. You have already gone through our training process, but there are a few rules you must learn on your own to follow. Obey these simple rules and your working experience here will be a pleasant one!

  1. Remember your shift is from 12 am to 7 am Monday-Friday. Never clock in or out even a minute later or a minute early. The manager is a stickler for time, and many past employees have been terminated for violating this rule. Do not be lax on this. The manager can always see you whether you are on store premises or not.
  2. Your main job will be to stay in the security room and watch the security cams. Once every hour, never more than that, you must do security checks and walk clockwise around the inside perimeter of the store. A coworker will be stationed outside of the store. Occasionally, your job will require you to answer phone calls as well. (More info on phone calls in rule #5.)
  3. When looking at the security cams anytime between 1:30 am and 2:30 am, you may notice some changes. Items around the store will be rearranged or appear to have gone missing. Also, do not be alarmed if the mannequins are all now facing the cameras. If these occur between the times listed above, you are still safe to go do your security checks. If these occur outside those times, lock your door and stay in the security office until your shift is over no matter what noises you hear outside, even if you think it's your coworker.
  4. If you look at the security footage and see your coworker lying outside unconscious and no one or nothing else is visible, do not leave your office to help. Your coworker is fine. If you look at the footage and your coworker is being attacked, again, do not help. Wait until the end of your shift and call the police. Make sure you leave before they get there. The marks on your dead coworker's body are human, and you will be blamed. No one will believe you if you told them it was the mannequins.
  5. Only answer phones on Mondays. That's when the manager will call, and he is the ONLY one with the security office phone number. When the manager calls, respond only to yes and no questions. Do not trust the caller ID. They are always trying to trick you and look for a way in.
  6. For your own safety, never let security checks last longer than 15 minutes. The longer you spend on the floor, the more the mannequins will develop disfigured characteristics. Some may also begin to follow you, but you must never look at them. Keep your head straight and continue back toward your office. They are mainly docile, but you have a gun for a reason.
  7. Oftentimes, you will see a woman wandering about the store. She will ask you if you have seen her daughter. ALWAYS help her. Assure her that all entrances are closed and that you will find her child. Look in the toy section because that's where her daughter was last seen. The child will never be there, but look anyway. After searching, run back to the office as quickly as you can. If she catches you, she will do to you what she did to her daughter and you, too, will never be seen again.