System Activation Code:


Life Support Systems: Full Capacity. . .100%

Power Unit: Charging

. . .

. . .

Power Unit: Full Capacity. . .100%

Project: PUPPET, Operational for the first time.

Date: November 5th, 1992

I am operational.

Optic Sensors: Online at 100% Capacity

Gauging Analysis Levels

. . .

. . .

Optic Sensors now Online at Full Capacity. Anomaly detected as supervisor "Louis J. Rockwell". Origin of anomaly unknown.

Project: PUPPET Optic Sensors analyzing data.

Date: November 5th, 1992.

I can see.

Body Functions intact. All systems now checked and fully operational.

Mission Statement: Keeping Us Better. . .

Task Identification Code:






Supervisor: Louis J. Rockwell, anomaly previously detected 3 meters ahead. Behind glass.

Servant of: A.G. Industries

"A... G... In... Duh... Strees..."

My first words. Date: November 5th, 1992. My first day of activation.

All is going well. I am to serve A.G. Industries under severe protocol of Louis J. Rockwell.

My body is new. Operational.

They lead me to my chamber. Tests are to be done.

Data Stream Process: November 5th, 1992.

Date of activation, according to scheduled deadline.

Activation tests must be performed, including but not limited to:

Nervous system Strain Test

Optic Capacity Test

Flight Test

Speech Test

My Surgeons and Caretakers test my reaction to pain and damage. All goes 100% according to plan. I feel no pain.

My Surgeons and Caretakers test my sight capacity. All goes according to plan until Supervisor Louis J. Rockwell enters testing chamber 4b. Presence brings about static and foggy vision. Supervisor Louis J. Rockwell smiles at me.

I do not know how to "smile" back at him.

My Surgeons and Caretakers test my capacity for flight. All goes according to plan. Wing structure is absolute and solid. I can fly.

Flying brings me feelings. Anomaly, error. Must report to Surgeons and Caretakers at a later point.

My Surgeons and Caretakers test my capacity for speech. Speech is slow and methodical, and easily understandable. Caretaker Susan Miranda informs Top Researchers that my speech is "like that of a learning child... it will expand as it grows 'older'." I can speak.

My first day goes according to plan. Activation has run smoothly.

Nervous system and life support at full capacity. Optic Sensors need further examination. Wing structure and flight capabilities are at full capacity. Speech systems at full capacity.

Day 1 goes according to plan. My body is new, it requires rest.

I shut down for protocol: Sleep Operation A45G-6.

I feel. Anomaly must be reported to Supervisors at a later point...

System Shut Down in progress...


System Shutdown complete.

Activating protocol for Recharge.