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I'm receiving a call...

πŸ“±Benny: Xinshen, it's me, Benny. I'll be back in 45 minutes. Sorry it... Sorry. I... Sorry that it took so long to... do the mission.

6 hours later... he calls.

πŸ“±Nikita: Benny... what is going on?

πŸ“±Benny: Just calling to tell you things went smoothly, and... I'll be there soon, 45 minutes! 45 minutes, just wait for me there...

His speech... he's stuttering.

πŸ“±Nikita: I know it went smoothly, I can see it on the news... You didn't need to call.

*Muffled sounds from Benny*

What's really going on here...?

*Coughing sounds from Benny*

πŸ“±Nikita: Benny? Are you there? Hello?

πŸ“±Benny: I'm here... I'm on my way. I'll see you soon... Just give me the money we agreed upon.

Money? What money?

Wait a minute... I know exactly what this is...

They've captured him...

Nikita: Li. Roland. They captured him.

Roland: What? How? I thought they're all dead from that massive explosion...

Li: Not all of them, but a lot of them.

I can play along, Benny.

πŸ“±Nikita: 45 minutes... sounds good.

πŸ“±Benny: Oh, wait, also, maybe you can just meet me halfway?

I'd like my money sooner rather than later.

πŸ“±Nikita: Um, one moment, please.

Nikita: The Sun Yee On are forcing him to call me and make a bluff. If he cracked, they might be coming here now.

Li: What is he saying to you?

Nikita: Well, he told me he would return in 45 minutes and that everything went well... It's pretty clear what that means though.

Also, he said he wants his money which was never part of the plan. He's trying to let me know there's something wrong.

We are all in danger. They're coming. And they'll disguise themselves as Benny.

An assassin is coming, maybe more than one. We have 45 minutes max.

πŸ“±Nikita: So, you want the money earlier rather than later... You're only 45 minutes away, why do I have to meet you halfway?

*Muffled sounds from Benny*

πŸ“±Benny: You know what... Don't worry about it. It'll be okay, I'll just meet you back at the house.

πŸ“±Nikita: Hmmm. Alright, see you then, Benny.

*Benny hangs up*

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Nikita: One more thing before you go, only call me if you have an emergency.

If the plan fails, it's too late, don't call. Only call if I can help you.

Benny: Got it. Why do I even have your number? What's the point?

Nikita: It's a security measure, mostly for your family.

Benny: I don't understand this...

Nikita: What I'm saying is, if someone calls me from this number, whether it's you or not, I'll know to take action.

Benny: So, it's like a decoy, kind of?

Nikita: Not really. It's more of a warning sign. It'll tell me there's trouble.

Benny: Weird... but okay.

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Roland: We have to get out of here, now!

Nikita: Agreed, let the hostages go and let's get out of here.

Li: Stop. We aren't going anywhere.

Nikita: I'm 99% sure that wasn't him calling me to tell me everything is fine. The Sun Yee On are behind this.

Li, with all due respect, they are coming here, and... I don't want to be here when they get here.

Li: This is what you signed up for. You said you were on board.

Nikita: I understand, but we are likely to die if we don't run right now!

Roland: He's right, boss. This is bad.

Li: No. We will kill them.

Roland: We'd just be gambling, we have no leverage!

Li: We will bait them with the hostages.

Nikita: They'll kill the hostages and then us.

Li: They might kill the hostages, but we will kill them.

Strap an explosive onto the hostages, and when the Sun Yee On assassins enter the house... Boom.

Nikita: What? Kill those innocent people? Are you serious?

We may as well let the family go and plant the bombs inside. We can still kill the Sun Yee On assassins.

Leaving the family there to die doesn't help us deal with the Sun Yee On.

Li: We need to tie two loose ends. This is the way to do it. It's the most logical move, Nikita.

Nikita: Those people won't do anything to us... They will just leave Hong Kong.

Li: We got the father killed. We created a huge rift in their lives that will never go away...

You really think the wife and child have a 0% chance of wanting revenge? Maybe not right now, but maybe in the future?

I... I don't even know what this plan is anymore...

Li: Nikita, remember when you came to Ri Zhou's jet?

Nikita: I do...

Li: That was the moment you became one of us. From that point on, there is no innocent or guilty, there is just us or them.

We know they are coming, so we can plan an attack. We have the high ground here.

This is a tactical play just like your Trojan Horse plan. It's the right move to win this war... And you know it.

What the hell have I gotten myself into...

*Roland looks at you*

Roland: I guess...

I can tell Roland is disgusted by this... and so am I.

Nikita: Kill Benny's family just to kill a few assassins?

Li: The moment we entered Benny's house, I knew everyone was dead. You honestly think this could have ended with sunshine and rainbows?



And... I'd prefer to live another day.

I was wrong... about everything.

This was the wrong move.

I should have run away with my brother... He was right.

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Nikita: There's no more running, I'm one of them now.

Pavel: So you just want to give up? Give up your freedom?

You're standing here right now! What do you mean!? There's always a choice, brother!

We can run! We can outsmart them!

Nikita, our whole life is living proof that we can make it through anything. The hardest choices are the choices that define us.

The choice is clear, brother!

Nikita: Run away, just so he finds us again... and kills us.

Pavel, he will kill us. I can guarantee it.

Pavel: Our whole life, we have been trying to live in peace... trying to be free. And now you want to become the very thing that started this whole mess...

What if you live a life working for someone who took away your entire childhood?

This is ludicrous! Nikita, come on, we're leaving. Let's go.

*Pavel looks into his brother's eyes*

Pavel: Do you know what scares me most?

Nikita: Pavel! There was no choice, I tried!

Pavel: You have so much faith in us, Nikita.

*Pavel takes a step backward*

Pavel: The choice is clear, brother! Leave this darkness behind!

I can't watch you do this, brother. Goodbye, Niki.

Nikita: STOP!

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Li: Nikita! Do you understand what I'm saying? You're just standing there like a statue...

Nikita: I understand.

Li: Roland, get the remaining explosives and plant them around the house.

Then we'll grab the detonator and get a good vantage point away from the house... They'll never see it coming.

*Roland takes a deep breath.*

Roland: Okay, boss.

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Page 6

Jenna: It just keeps getting worse.

Nikita: What started as an intelligent ploy to get business just ended up as a bloodbath.

Jenna: That's so... cruel.

Nikita: Li was just doing his job, and as unfortunate as it is... he was right. Killing those assassins was...

It was a way to pull ahead even further. With the Sun Yee On's ranks so heavily damaged, it allowed us to gain power.

Jenna: So what happened to Benny?

Nikita: That was the last I heard from him. I assume they killed him right after that phone call...

Jenna: And his family? All dead too?

Nikita: You heard the plan, you heard what I told you... It's not a pleasant story by any means, but it's what you came here for, right? My story.

Jenna: Yeah, I know...

Nikita: There are plenty more examples of this darkness finding its way into my work. This was just one of them.

Jenna: So this was all in 2005?

Nikita: That entire span was only a 3-week time period... Imagine what lurks within the next 20 years... up until now, 2025.

Jenna: I think it's unimaginable.

Nikita: You're right.