Dear Newest Maintenance Staff Member,

Let me be the first to say WELCOME TO THE DEEPSWELL SPA FAMILY! We are delighted to have you here.

This letter serves as your first official orientation documentation. Please read it carefully. During your first fourteen (14) work days, you will be paired with a Senior Maintenance Staff Member for training. They are required to periodically quiz you on the following rules and regulations. At the end of your training period, your trainer will consult with management; depending on their recommendation you will either be promoted to a full-time staff position or be terminated. Termination comes with an additional two (2) weeks' pay, as stipulated in the non-disclosure agreement you signed prior to hiring.

First things first! As part of our Deepswell family, you are entitled to our comprehensive benefits package, including:

  • Paid Vacation/Sick/Personal Days.
  • Dental/Health/Vision.
  • Life Insurance with Accidental Death coverage.
  • 20% off all services for you or direct family members.
  • One voucher for the service of your choice every quarter OR a one hundred dollar ($100.00) cash bonus every quarter (to be decided upon at the time).
  • On-site cafeteria.
  • On-site nurse (Black Service Phone, extension x0002).
  • On-site security (Black Service Phone, extension x0001).
  • Unlimited Free Service from our Deepswell Pest and Environment Hazard Control Services (subject to scheduling and availability; Black Service Phone, extension x0013).

You are entitled to a one (1) hour meal break (scheduled at the start of shift) and two (2) floating fifteen (15) minute "Mental Health" breaks per shift. Please inform your shift supervisor before you take one of your fifteen (15) minutes breaks.

We remind you that smoking is NOT ALLOWED anywhere on Deepswell property. Any employee caught smoking on Deepswell property will be terminated, and will not be entitled to severance, per the non-disclosure agreement. Please use the Black Service Phone to report any employee or customer you see smoking on the premises to Security (x0001).

We are CLOSED on all federal holidays. If you discover you are scheduled to work a shift on a federal holiday DO NOT REPORT TO WORK. Inform your supervisor of the scheduling error. In the event that your supervisor tells you they scheduled the aforementioned shift, use a BLUE Service Phone and report the incident to the Discrepancies Department. Again, DO NOT REPORT TO WORK.


Your responsibilities as part of the Maintenance Staff are as follows:

At the scheduled intervals, you will be required to...

  • Restock robes, towels, and slippers for each of the Service Desks on your designated floor.
  • Deliver used slippers from the slipper Return bins to the Slipper Sanitization department on your designated floor.
  • Note on the loss sheet and then dispose of any robes, towels, and slippers with obvious damage.
  • Launder robes and towels returned to the white bins on your designated floor.
  • Incinerate robes and towels returned to the black bins in the "Non-Bio" incinerator on your designated floor.
  • Clean and restock the saunas on your designated floor, provided you are working on the first, second, or fourth floor.
  • If you are asked by anyone (including your supervisor) to clean and restock the sauna on the third floor, please proceed to the nearest Blue Phone and report this incident to the Discrepancies Department immediately. They will assign you to another floor for the remainder of your shift.
  • Restock the supplies and empty the garbage in the bathrooms on your designated floor.
  • Restock the supplies and empty the garbage in the Massage and Facial Rooms on your designated floor.
  • Depending on the season or your sub-department there may be other duties you are assigned. These will be detailed during training.

When not following through with scheduled responsibilities, the following is also expected of you...

  • Clean up any accidental spills or other debris (such as broken glass, dirt/sand/etc. tracked in from outside) in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Assist your designated floor's service desk with any special customer requests (new robes, extra towels, etc.).

If you see a gelatinous substance seeping out from under the doors to any of the MASSAGE Rooms, note the color and report it to the Pest and Environment Hazard Control (Black Service Phone x0013). They will instruct you further.

If you see a gelatinous substance seeping out from under the doors to one of the FACIAL Rooms note the color and follow the instructions below:

  • Orange/Yellow: Report to Pest and Environment Hazard Control (x0013) as per above.
  • Blue/Green: Report to Security (x0001). Leave the area.
  • Any Migraine-Inducing Color: Use a Blue Service Phone and report the incident to the Discrepancies Department. Proceed to the on-site nurse for a check-up.
  • Any Other Color: Clean up as you would any other spill, but upon completion of clean-up, incinerate all rags, mops, and other tools used in your designated floor's "Bio" incinerator.


While it is not part of your general day-to-day responsibilities, you may wind up interacting with customers at times. In order to ensure the BEST possible experience for all Deepswell Spa employees and customers, we ask you to observe the following CODES OF CONDUCT in regard to Customers, as designated by the color of their robes:

Customers in Black Robes

  • If a customer in a black robe appears confused, lost, or in distress, approach them and offer your assistance.
  • Answer any and all of their questions as best you can (within reason). You are not required to answer any personal questions, and harassment of ANY sort should be reported to Security via a Black Service Phone, extension x0001).
  • If you are unsure of an answer or unable to help the customer yourself, proceed to the nearest Service Desk, or call the nearest Service Desk using a Black Service Phone (the number of the nearest service desk is always listed on the phone).
  • The Service Desk will either help the customer directly or send someone to help them. Please stay with the customer until you are certain that they are being helped with their query or issue.

Customers in White Robes

  • These customers are VIPs, or do not wish to be disturbed during their stay. Unless they approach you with a question, you do not need to interact with them. As stated in your employment contract, professional conduct is expected at all times. You are NOT allowed to take pictures of anyone wearing White Robes. You are not allowed to ask for autographs from anyone wearing White Robes. You are not to disclose the fact that you saw any particular person wearing White Robes. Doing so will result in immediate termination and no severance, as per the non-disclosure agreement.
  • If you see any of the following persons in White Robes, treat them normally, but once the interaction is over, please use a Blue Service Phone to report the incident to the Discrepancies Department:
    • Neil Gaimen
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson
    • George Foreman
    • David Bowie
    • Kristen Steward
    • *Addendum 11/12/2018: Stan Lee has been added to this list.

Customers in Red Robes

  • These are your fellow employees, enjoying their own Spa day here at Deepswell! You may treat them exactly as you would a customer in a Black Robe if they are on the first, second, or fourth floor.
    • If you see someone in a Red Robe on the Third Floor, proceed to the nearest Blue Service Phone and report the incident to the Discrepancies Department.
    • If you are unable to avoid interaction with someone in a Red Robe on the Third Floor, DO NOT give them information regarding your astrological sign, or information that may allow them to extrapolate your astrological sign, such as your birthday.

Customers with Koi Fish Tattoos (wearing ANY robe color)

  • DO NO voluntarily engage with the customer, no matter their behavior (confusion, fatigue, apparent injury, etc.).
  • If you are unable to take shelter and the customer forces interaction, smile and shake your head "no" to all statements and/or questions.
  • DO NOT accept any gifts you are offered.
  • Absolutely DO NOT HONOR any requests for water.
  • When the customer is out of sight, pick up the nearest Blue Service Phone and report a "Code Olmstead" to the Discrepancies Department. Follow the instructions you are given exactly.
  • Upon completion of the Discrepancy Department's instructions, your shift will be considered over. You are to return home. You will be paid double overtime for the entirety of your scheduled hours on that day, regardless of how many hours you actually worked.
  • For the next five (5) workdays, report to the on-site nurse at shift start.

If any Black/White Robed Customer tips you in a sea glass, you may turn it into your supervisor at the end of the day for $20.00 per piece of sea glass. If a Red Robed customer attempts to tip you in sea glass, please send them to the nearest service desk. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY SEA GLASS FROM CUSTOMERS WITH A KOI FISH TATTOO.

Again, we're so happy to have you joining our team here at Deepswell!

Sincerely yours,

Carletta Reynolds

Orientation Specialist, Human Resources