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⍻ Crime Scene Photos

⍻ Keychain

⍻ Letter from Felix

⍻ Letter from Penny

⍻ Letter from Penny to Felix

⍻ Marionette Cross

⍻ Missing Persons Report

⍻ Newspaper Clipping

⍻ Penny's Painting

⍻ Report from Agent Kelly

⍻ Second Chance Letter

Physical Items

Crime Scene Photos

  • Penny took these photos after she killed her husband and child. She then hid them before being caught.
    • She sent them to us as mementos.
  • *The writers decided to not depict photos of dead children, therefore we only see Gregory's hand and arm while we see Kenny's head and bullet wound.


  • The keychain depicting the Mona Lisa is a gift from Penny from Paris.

Letter from Felix

  • Felix has no idea we were the ones who got Penny released!
    • HA!
  • With all this "thorough investigating" going on, I hope they never link the breach back to us. It would be linked to Vernon, since we used his credentials to hack into the system.
  • He signs his letter with "Audis dicis veritas" which translates to "Hearing is truth".

Letter from Penny

  • In the last two sentences of the first paragraph, certain letters are bolded.
  • This is a Francis Bacon (Baconian) code. The clue is "France is".
  • The way this code will work is by replacing every bolded letter with "B" and every non-bolded letter with "A", beginning after the colon. Group into sets of five letters.
  • Solving this code gives us a website.
  • I effin' knew it. Penny did commit the murders and we set her free.
  • She admits how she manipulated and strung us along, like a marionette without strings.

Letter from Penny to Felix

  • Penny wrote to Felix from Paris?
    • Why?
    • She gives him so many clues to track her down and even implicates us in the process.
  • In this letter, Penny reveals that it was Felix who was the "beneficiary" paying off Kingsley and other officials to drop her case.
  • Why in the world is she still claiming her innocence?
    • She sent us photographic proof of her crimes.

Marionette Cross

  • Penny sent this as a symbol of how she used us as a marionette to gain her freedom, despite her guiltiness.

Missing Persons Report

  • This report is for Angela Hartwell!
    • Was I right that Penny paid her a little visit!?
  • Last known activity was that she might stop by her brother's house.
    • Did she happen to go there at the same time Penny stopped by?
  • The report states Angela owned a gray Toyota Prius, the same vehicle Penny was witnessed driving and abandoned at the airport.

Newspaper Clipping

  • This article is about Penny's escape and the town's reaction.
  • Angela couldn't be reached for comment...
    • Wouldn't it be lovely if Penny had paid her a visit and shut that bitch up for good?

Penny's Painting

  • This is Penny's final painting. It contains another Morse code message.
  • Once decoded, reading from left to right at a 90-degree angle, the message reads:

Report from Agent Kelly

  • This is a memo from Agent Klyde Kelly to Felix.
  • Penny cleaned out Gregory's savings fund set up by Kenny and Angela.
    • So, she did have access to it the entire time.
  • Penny purchased a tarp and garbage bags.
    • To dispose of a body?

Second Chance Letter

  • The facility acknowledges that Penny is gone.
  • They wish us to keep silent publicly but let them know if we hear from her.
  • Well, guess what? We heard from her again.
    • But will we report it to LFoA? No.


Penny in Paris

  • The URL for this website can be found by solving the hidden code in Penny's letter.
  • This is Penny's blog site from Paris.
  • She reveals that she left Angela's body in the car when she ditched it at the airport.
    • Why was this fact left out of Kelly's report to Felix?
    • And she even posts a pic of the body in the trash bags and tarp she purchased at Luna's General Store. The nerve of this woman!
    • This is the only pic on the blog that can be clicked on to reveal a more colorful detailed rendering.
  • Calling the phone number at the bottom of the blog site sends us to Penny's voicemail.
    • Interesting.
  • Penny speaks some sentences in French. Translated, she is saying:
    • "I am finally free. I killed my husband and my son, both of them, it was me. And I regret nothing."
    • "Goodbye, my friend."