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⍻ COBRA Memo

⍻ Financial Document

⍻ Jigsaw Puzzle

⍻ Letter from Kingsley

⍻ Letter from Penny

⍻ Mirror

⍻ Note from Sven

⍻ Penny's Painting

⍻ Playing Card

⍻ Second Chance Letter

Physical Items


  • This shows that Penny became listless and purposely failed the test.

Financial Document

  • A lot of people are being paid off by this "beneficiary"...
  • The statement shows that Kingsley was given $3,000 for his unwilling cooperation.

Jigsaw Puzzle

  • There is writing on the back of some of the pieces.
    • Assemble the puzzle upside down in order to piece the message together for reading.
  • The writing is in French and written backward.
    • The mirror Penny gave us can be used to read it correctly.
  • Turn the puzzle so that the words are upside down.
  • Penny gave us a double-sided mirror compact for a reason.
    • Hold the opened mirror in front of the puzzle, so you can see the reflected words.
    • In the reflection, you will be able to read the message right-side-up, left to right.
  • The message reads: "Oublier le temps des malentendus et le temps perdu".
    • Translated into English: "forget time misunderstandings and lost time".
  • Googling "Oublier le temps des malentendus et le temps perdu" brings us to a song: "Ne Me Quitte Pas" by Jaques Brel.
    • Ne Me Quitte Pas is French for "Do Not Leave Me".
    • Penny has been abandoned by everyone else around her and is fearing the loss of us as well.

Letter from Kingsley

  • Kingsley explains how he was "ordered" to drop Penny's case, despite him being on the winning track.
    • Why was he forced to discontinue representing Penny?
    • Who doesn't want to see her redeemed?

Letter from Penny

  • "Hanging by an ear"?
    • Why does she use this expression?
    • It's usually "hanging by a thread"...
  • "Madder than a puffed toad"... 🤣
  • Penny explains a bit about what's happened with her "allies": Kingsley and Vernon.


  • The mirror can be used to read the written message on the back of the jigsaw puzzle.

Note from Sven

  • To solve the puzzle on the back of Sven's card, make note of his last sentence.
    • "Always advance from the beginning of the suit."
  • Taking the first letter of each suit, shift forward from that letter by the number in that box.
  • For example, the first box is an 8 of spades.
    • The first letter of the suit (spades) is "S". So, you would shift 8 letters forward from "S", resulting in "A".
  • Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13
  • Once decoded, the message reads:

Penny's Painting

  • This one is of a vulture.
  • Once decoded, the Morse code in this painting reads:

Playing Card

  • It is a Queen of Hearts.
    • Penny used to be Sven's Queen of Hearts. Now she wants to be ours.
  • The letter "T" is drawn on the back of this card.
    • This is a hint at how to solve the puzzle on the back of Sven's note.
    • After shifting correctly, the Queen of Hearts results in "T".

Second Chance Letter

  • This letter explains that Vernon was "let go" because he "failed to meet LFoA's standards of performance and conduct".


...Listening Friends of America Second Chance

  • Password
    • hackeysack23
  • We will be attempting to fill out the "General Form".
  • The information needed will be obtained from all the clues we've been provided up to this point.

Authorized Staff User Credentials

  • Username: I-976-VL
  • Password: hackeysack23
  • Inspector Number: I-976-VL

Subject Information

  • Patient Number: 12279
  • Case Number: 291874143
  • Current Location (Facility) (Number): 044404


  • Sequence: None
  • Reason: 34/8769

Priority Code

  • Initial: 589022
  • Current: 0008

Remedy of Change

  • Destination (Facility) (Number): 090009
  • Two-Digit Cycle Code: 45
  • Four-Digit Index: 2005

Authorization Code


  • Entering the information correctly and submitting the form gives us the message that Penny will be released on the next available shuttle.
    • How much you wanna bet in the final episode, we learn that we just reprieved an actual murderer and she wasn't innocent at all...