...Listening Friends of America Second Chance



  • We will be attempting to fill out the "General Form".
  • The information needed will be obtained from all the clues we've been provided up to this point.

Authorized Staff User Credentials

  • Username: I-976-VL
  • Password: hackeysack23
  • Inspector Number: I-976-VL

Subject Information

  • Patient Number: 12279
  • Case Number: 291874143
  • Current Location (Facility) (Number): 044404


  • Sequence: None
  • Reason: 34/8769

Priority Code

  • Initial: 589022
  • Current: 0008

Remedy of Change

  • Destination (Facility) (Number): 090009
  • Two-Digit Cycle Code: 45
  • Four-Digit Index: 2005

Authorization Code


  • Entering the information correctly and submitting the form gives us the message that Penny will be released on the next available shuttle.
    • How much you wanna bet in the final episode, we learn that we just reprieved an actual murderer and she wasn't innocent at all...