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⍻ COBRA Memo

⍻ Flextangle Print

⍻ Friendship Bracelet

⍻ Incident Report

⍻ Letter from Kingsley

⍻ Letter from Penny

⍻ Magazine Page

⍻ Note from Patient 7166

⍻ Penny's Painting

⍻ Second Chance Letter

⍻ Stress Ball

Physical Items


  • This memo narrates Penny's accomplishments in the latest experiment.
  • By terminating a few comprised proctors, does he mean kill or simply eliminate from further testing?

Flextangle Print

  • Cut and assemble the print according to Penny's directions.
  • Doing so will reveal a message:

Friendship Bracelet

  • Penny reveals in her accompanying letter that this was a gift to her from Sven. But because of their altercation, she decided to give it to us instead.

Incident Report

  • Reason for Sven's outburst is unknown, but staff speculate it is because he skipped his morning meds.
  • What were he and Penny discussing that upset him so much?

Letter from Kingsley

  • This points at Penny's references about the woman looming over her being her sister-in-law.
  • Kingsley is telling Penny she needs more of a sympathetic following. Someone with influence. She has already influenced Vernon to fight for her.
    • Is she provoking situations to make her look meek and others insane, like the situation with Sven?

Letter from Penny

  • Penny reveals that Sven had an episode and freaked out on her.
    • Was there a specific reason or just because he's crazy?
  • She refers us to the incident report.
  • Thorn in her eye? That's an odd turn of phrase. It's normally thorn in a person's "side", not "eye".
  • Cheery-full instead of cheerful?
  • Penny mentions never getting a score higher than six out of ten.
  • Counting every sixth letter after the colon in this sentence reveals a message:
    • "RELEASE ME"

Magazine Page

  • The journalist once again digs for people from Penny's past to try and paint her in a lighter nature.
  • What if Penny was so desperate for companionship that she killed Tim Garcia's cat herself and pushed Gina Summers down the stairs to gain her place on the cheerleading squad.

Note from Patient 7166

  • Again, in the theme of fives, Sven writes Penny's name five times in the salutations, with an extra n and y in the last Penny.
  • He mentions teaching Penny how to dash.
    • Could he be referring to Morse code? Did he teach Penny how to communicate in Morse code?
  • Sven is jealous of Penny's new friendship with us.
  • He then says he wishes he never taught her how to dots.
    • He is hinting at the Morse code hidden within Penny's painting.
  • The "f" key seems to have been stuck at one point. I see no relevance or any puzzle in the note this time around, though.

Penny's Painting

  • There is another Morse code hidden within this painting.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • "SO I TOOK"
  • The paintings collected so far can be pieced together to make a mural. So far, the order is:
    • Episode 3, Episode 2, Episode 4

Second Chance Letter

  • Vernon expresses his concern over Penny and his willingness to risk his job to help her out.

Stress Ball

  • This is more of a stress disc than a stress ball... It is branded with "...Listening Friends of America Second Chance".