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⍻ Bug in Resin

⍻ Closing Statement Copy

⍻ Financial Statement

⍻ Letter from Penny

⍻ Magazine Page

⍻ Modeling Sand

⍻ Note from Patient 7166

⍻ Penny's Painting

⍻ Psychiatric Evaluation Document

⍻ Second Chance Letter

Physical Items

Bug in Resin

  • This was given to Penny by Kingsley, to remind her of Kenny and his pet name for Gregory, which was Bug.

Closing Statement Copy

  • This is the closing statement of the prosecution.
  • In it, the prosecutor pushes for a guilty verdict, noting Dr. Richards' evaluation, despite us not having a transcript. He claims there is no reasonable doubt. I found there to be plenty.

Financial Statement

  • This is a bank record of Penny's son's college fund, in the names of Kenny and his sister, Angela.
  • Why are there gaps between the ending and starting balances?
  • Why are there personal charges for art supplies?
    • Penny didn't even have access to this account. Was Angela making these purchases, trying to frame Penny?

Letter from Penny

  • In this letter, Penny expresses her doubts about our existence. She borders on conspiratorial thoughts.
  • She mentions her Inspector, Vernon, helping her get "conveniences".
    • What does she mean by this?
  • Out of the blue, Penny says she likes to use fresh soap.
  • What help is she to Vernon?
  • Penny says "whatever four" instead of "whatever for"...
    • What is the significance of "four"?
  • Since the only oddities in this letter are the mention of soap and the misuse of "four", let's try counting every fourth word of that line.
  • The revealed message reads:
    • "Use Vernon to help me."

Magazine Page

  • This is the "fan article" Penny referred to in her letter.
  • Penny's parents seem very neglectful and unsupportive.
  • All of her colleagues and peers attest to the fact that she was never mentally unstable.

Modeling Sand

  • Upon inspection of the modeling sand, a piece of paper containing coordinates can be found within.
    • I used tweezers to carefully remove mine from the sand.
  • The secret note is from Vernon. He gives a website and a password.
  • All of the coordinates, with the exception of the last set, point to LFoA facilities.
    • #010199: St. Paul, Minnesota (which is funny that's the first one, I work in St. Paul, MN)
    • #010212: Darlington, Maryland
    • #025489: Colorado Springs, Colorado
    • #030333: Bozeman, Montana
    • #030377: Boise, Idaho
    • #037643: Slidell, Louisiana
    • #038210: Ashland, Oregon
    • #039107: Fort Worth, Texas
    • #044404: Current Facility, Texas
    • #053799: San Diego, California
    • #057005: Olympia, Washington
    • #069208: Athens, Georgia
    • #071263: Santa Fe, New Mexico
    • #078339: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    • #083660: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    • #090009: A point in the Bering Sea, off of Alaska, which Penny mentioned in her first letter.

Note from Patient 7166

  • Use the cutout magazine scraps and arrange to complete the words.
  • The message reads:
    • "They watch us sleeping but for why we never hear TV on news mute."
  • Penny also said pieces can be read together the wrong way.
  • If we rearrange the magazine scraps without the patient note, another message is revealed:
    • "Watch for numbers."
  • This points us back to Penny's letter and the puzzle within.

Penny's Painting

  • This artwork was done with acrylic paints.
  • It depicts two birds in a nest atop a tall tree.
  • It appears the land below is on fire.
  • Upon closer scrutiny, certain parts of the painting jump out to reveal a hidden message.
    • The white marks are actually Morse code.
  • The message reads:
    • "I am Penny"

Psychiatric Evaluation Document

  • This is a second opinion of Penny's mental state and well-being, provided by Dr. Melonie Richards.
  • The evaluation from Dr. Richards did not find substantial evidence of schizophrenia or delusions, as Dr. Kohler had found in the initial evaluation.

Second Chance Letter

  • This letter comes from our Inspector this time, Vernon Li.
  • He admits that Penny will need all the help she can get.


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