Business Card

  • This is Kingsley Lawrence's business card.
    • Very thick stock. Can't say I'm surprised after reading his smug letter to Penny.

Color by Number

  • Use the accompanying watercolor palette to paint in the numbered sections. Each number corresponds to a color given in the key at the bottom of the page.
  • I haven't done one of these since I was a kid.
    • I love when HaK gives us nostalgic puzzles.
  • Completing the picture with the accompanying watercolor palette (or markers) reveals a beach with palm trees.
  • Upon closer inspection, the red colorings actually spell out a message.
  • The message reads:
    • "HELP ME"

Court Documents


  • This is simply the agreement of Listening Friends of America to take in Penny as their ward.

Autopsy Report 1

  • This is the autopsy report for Kenny's body, authorized by his sister.
  • He had to be identified by his fingerprints and dental records?
    • Was his face that messed up from the gunshot that his own sister couldn't identify him otherwise?
  • White underwear briefs. 🤣
  • He seemed dressed to impress.
    • Why would he be in this attire to clean his gun?
  • Kenny sustained the gunshot wound to the right side of his head.
    • The killer had to have been standing to his side. Penny most likely would have shot from the front if she had done it.
  • The point of firing was no more than 4 inches away.
  • Kenny had alcohol in his system.
    • Angela testified he would not clean his gun under the influence.
  • Kenny did not shoot himself.
    • The angle of the entry and exit wounds is consistent with someone standing above him while he was sitting, and pointing the gun to his temple at a 45-degree angle.
    • Suicide would have been 90 degrees.

Autopsy Report 2

  • This is the autopsy report for Gregory, authorized by his aunt.
  • Gregory was also identified by his fingerprints and dental records, despite his face being untouched and completely intact.

Charge of Court

  • These are instructions for the jury on how to enter their verdict.
    • Their verdict was Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

Email 1

  • This is an email from Angela, Kenny's sister, to Kenny in response to an email from him. In this email, Angela openly expresses her disdain for Penny.
  • It is revealed that Penny wished to pursue a career as an artist more than being there for her son.

Email 2

  • This is an email from Kenny to his wife, Penny.
  • They had an argument about Penny wanting to pursue an art career and Kenny is apologizing for his behavior.
    • If Penny did kill her family, her motive was she felt her family was holding her back.
  • It looks like Kenny copied and pasted a line from his sister's email. Why?

Official Plea of the Defense

  • Penny's attorney, Justine Graham, beseeched the jury to take into consideration Dr. Kohler's expert input in the case and find Penny not guilty by reason of insanity.

Psychiatric Evaluation

  • The evaluation was performed by Dr. Henry Kohler, the same person who performed the psychiatric interview.
  • He found that Penny is a paranoid schizophrenic.

Psychiatric Interview

  • Something Penny says contradicts what she said in her letter to us.
    • In her letter, she said she came in to see Kenny shoot himself. In the interview, she states that she came in to find him dead already.

Sentencing Order

  • At trial, Penny was found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.
    • Did she shoot her husband after seeing that he had shot and killed their son?


  • This is a transcription of Angela's testimony in court.
    • Direct Examination
      • Angela testified that she spent part of the day with Gregory before bringing him home. When she entered the house, everything seemed fine despite Penny and Kenny's argument.
      • Angela says that she and Kenny were very close as children but drifted apart after he became married and had a child.
        • Was she so jealous to the point of killing her own nephew and brother?
      • Kenny had given Angela the password to the gun safe, meaning she had access to the gun.
      • Angela says that Penny didn't seem to want to have a child. Even after Gregory was born, she didn't seem to grasp that she had a family and could no longer live as a single person.
      • Penny wouldn't even take some money out of her savings to help her son when he was sick?
      • Angela gave Kenny the money for Gregory's medical bills.
        • Did Kenny ever pay her back?
        • Was Angela angry that she wasn't "rewarded" for her efforts?
    • Cross-Examination
      • Angela had no proof of being home during her brother's murder.
        • She had opportunity.

Trial Summary

  • It appears that Kenny accidentally caused the death of Gregory, shot to the chest.
  • It is believed that when Penny discovered Gregory, she took the gun from Kenny and shot him in the head.
    • This doesn't really make sense. If she didn't give two shits about her family, would she really be distraught enough to kill her husband over the death of their son?
    • My theory is Kenny's sister grew more and more jealous of Penny and Gregory. She got to the point of murderous rage and decided to punish Penny for stealing Kenny from her. She killed Kenny because she could never fully have him to herself again. Penny found the bodies and her brain could not accept what she was seeing. Her brain tricked her into thinking she saw Kenny kill himself.
  • Penny is a well-educated, intelligent woman.
    • She sports a Bachelor's degree and an IQ above 100.

Enamel Pin

  • The pin is the logo of the Second Chance program.

Letter from Felix

  • This is a "pet project" of Felix's?
    • Oh, boy, this oughta be fun.
    • He claims it's for a "good cause", but really? Did he just find another guinea pig for his personal games and experiments?
  • Felix divulges that our Inspector this time around is Vernon Li.
    • Let's hope Vernon doesn't fall the way of our other Inspectors.

Letter from Friend

  • It would appear we finally have a female pen pal.
  • Penelope, Penny, claims she is innocent and not insane.
  • Penny reveals that her husband, Kenny, shot and killed their son, Gregory, before shooting himself in the head.
    • So why was Penny on trial and institutionalized?

Letter from Kingsley

  • This is a letter to Penny from her lawyer, Kingsley Lawrence.
  • Wow, is this guy conceited, or what?
  • He gives us a website to check out.

Second Chance Letter

  • It is revealed that there is another branch of Listening Friends of America, one that gives inmates chances to redeem themselves and rejoin society.
  • This letter includes another hidden area of the LFoA website.
  • There is a new disclaimer at the bottom of the website.

Watercolor Palette

  • The watercolor palette is intended to use with the color by number print.


Hartwell Memorial
Visit Website

  • On this website, tributes and memories can be found, as well as photos of Kenny and Gregory.
  • The website was set up by Kenny's sister, Angela, who believes Penny killed Kenny.

King Law Law
Visit Website

  • Visiting this website, as well as sending Kingsley an email, results in a message that he is too busy with his current case to pay attention to anything else.
  • His photo is on his website.
    • I was thinking he was a younger guy, like in his 30s, based on his smugness.