My Observations


Episode 5

Physical Items

  • COBRA Memo
  • Financial Document
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Letter from Kingsley
  • Letter from Penny
  • Mirror
  • Note from Sven
  • Penny's Painting
  • Playing Card
  • Second Chance Letter


  • ...Listening Friends of America Second Chance

Physical Items



This shows that Penny became listless and purposely failed the test.

Financial Document

Observation #1

A lot of people are being paid off by this "beneficiary"...

Observation #2

The statement shows that Kingsley was given $3,000 for his unwilling cooperation.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Observation #1

There is writing on the back of some of the pieces.

  • Assemble the puzzle upside down in order to piece the message together for reading.

Observation #2

The writing is in French and written backward.

  • The mirror Penny gave us can be used to read it correctly.

Observation #3

Turn the puzzle so that the words are upside down.

Observation #4

Penny gave us a double-sided mirror compact for a reason.

  • Hold the opened mirror in front of the puzzle, so you can see the reflected words.
  • In the reflection, you will be able to read the message right-side-up, left to right.

Observation #5

The message reads: "Oublier le temps des malentendus et le temps perdu".

  • Translated into English: "forget time misunderstandings and lost time".

Observation #6

Googling "Oublier le temps des malentendus et le temps perdu" brings us to a song: "Ne Me Quitte Pas" by Jaques Brel.

  • Ne Me Quitte Pas is French for "Do Not Leave Me".
  • Penny has been abandoned by everyone else around her and is fearing the loss of us as well.

Letter from Kingsley

Observation #1

Kingsley explains how he was "ordered" to drop Penny's case, despite him being on the winning track.

  • Why was he forced to discontinue representing Penny?
  • Who doesn't want to see her redeemed?

Letter from Penny

Observation #1

"Hanging by an ear"?

  • Why does she use this expression?
  • It's usually "hanging by a thread"...

Observation #2

"Madder than a puffed toad"... 🤣

Observation #3

Penny explains a bit about what's happened with her "allies": Kingsley and Vernon.



The mirror can be used to read the written message on the back of the jigsaw puzzle.

Note from Sven

Observation #1

To solve the puzzle on the back of Sven's card, make note of his last sentence.

  • "Always advance from the beginning of the suit."

Observation #2

Taking the first letter of each suit, shift forward from that letter by the number in that box.

Observation #3

For example, the first box is an 8 of spades.

  • The first letter of the suit (spades) is "S". So, you would shift 8 letters forward from "S", resulting in "A".

Observation #4

Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13

Observation #5

Once decoded, the message reads:


Penny's Painting

Observation #1

This one is of a vulture.

Observation #2

Once decoded, the Morse code in this painting reads:


Playing Card

Observation #1

It is a Queen of Hearts.

  • Penny used to be Sven's Queen of Hearts. Now she wants to be ours.

Observation #2

The letter "T" is drawn on the back of this card.

  • This is a hint at how to solve the puzzle on the back of Sven's note.
  • After shifting correctly, the Queen of Hearts results in "T".

Second Chance Letter


This letter explains that Vernon was "let go" because he "failed to meet LFoA's standards of performance and conduct".


...Listening Friends of America Second Chance

Observation #1


  • hackeysack23

Observation #2

We will be attempting to fill out the "General Form".

Observation #3

The information needed will be obtained from all the clues we've been provided up to this point.

Observation #4 - Authorized Staff User Credentials

  • Username: I-976-VL
  • Password: hackeysack23
  • Inspector Number: I-976-VL

Observation #5 - Subject Information

  • Patient Number: 12279
  • Case Number: 291874143
  • Current Location (Facility) (Number): 044404

Observation #6 - "Therapy"

  • Sequence: None
  • Reason: 34/8769

Observation #7 - Priority Code

  • Initial: 589022
  • Current: 0008

Observation #8 - Remedy of Change

  • Destination (Facility) (Number): 090009
  • Two-Digit Cycle Code: 45
  • Four-Digit Index: 2005

Observation #9 - Authorization Code


Observation #10

Entering the information correctly and submitting the form gives us the message that Penny will be released on the next available shuttle.

  • How much you wanna bet in the final episode, we learn that we just reprieved an actual murderer and she wasn't innocent at all...