My head hurts, but there is no headache. Thank god there is no headache.

No headache but there is a monster. It is hideous. The thing is humanoid in nature. It has two legs and two arms. There are few facial features to speak of except for a flesh-lined hole in the center of the head. The thing moves infuriatingly slowly. It wears a crude white cloak covering its sickly, browned body. It has a pale yellow halo that buzzes and twitches when the thing moves.

I think I should be afraid, but I am not.

A small child-like doll runs into the room. Its joints are connected with metal clasps that rust and grit together. The face is a girl's, I think. It beeps like a machine. Beep. Beep. Normally this would give me a headache, but there is no headache. Thank god there is no headache.

Behind it comes another monster – this one less humanoid. It looks more like the bloated corpse of a buffalo, white and raw. Its breath pounds like heavy rain. It smells familiar. The face is elongated and reminds me of a phallus. Spit falls from its disgusting open mouth.

I shrink back from these horrors. It is not fear of them. It is fear of the headache. They are asking me questions. "How do you feel?" "Are you alright?" "Why are you crying?" "Was the operation successful?"

I put my hands on my head. I can feel something soft and fabric-like covering my scalp. I am terrified. I must feel it. What happened to me. In a panic I attempt to rip to the stuff off. The first monster holds my arms down. Its skin breaks into mushrooming blossoms of spikes. I scream and scream. But there is still no headache.

Then everything goes black.

When the light appears again, I know I am alone. I reach up and quietly remove whatever is bandaging my head. I can feel stitches rip. I pop the staples out with ease. There is pain. But no headache. Thank god there is no headache. Finally, I can feel the long empty vagina of flesh that was cut into my head. Underneath the mush of blood is a hole in my skull. The hole is perfectly circle. Beautifully circle. This hole, this emptiness, is why the headache is gone.

I hear the buzzing again. It is a wasp, bright blue, flying across my vision. The stringer hangs heavily in the air. It enters the hole in my skull. I like the vibration against my brain. I am laughing. I haven't laughed in so long. There is no sadness. No headache. No fear anymore.

My head hurts, but there is no headache. Thank god there is no headache.