Aaron de Vaille Letter

  • Aaron has made his sacrificial choice, which differs from JWJ's wishes.

Dragon Swan Disciple List

  • Aaron de Vaille's name is not on this list, as he holds himself apart from the rest of the "herd".
  • Cleo is revealed to be deceased.

John William James Letter

  • JWJ quotes lyrics from songs his mother used to say to him. These lyrics are from Mozart songs.

Silver Necklace

  • The charm on this necklace depicts the golden spiral, which is used to measure balance and ratio. JWJ stated on the Theodorus website that he is the golden ratio.
    • The golden ratio is 1.618.
    • JWJ's patient number was 1618.

Talaria Letter

  • This letter reads the exact same as the letter in Episode 4.

Wolf Print

  • The wolf is missing an eye, which associates with the plastic eye Aaron de Vaille gave us in Episode 4.
    • Placing the plastic eye on the wolf's missing eye gives us a starting point. The plastic eye equals A. Work your way clockwise to get the entire alphabet in symbols.


Whispers from Theodorus
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