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⍻ Aaron de Vaille Letter

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⍻ Happy Balloon Activity

⍻ John William James Letter

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⍻ Talaria Letter

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Physical Items

Aaron de Vaille Letter

  • In this letter, Aaron de Vaille introduces himself to us and discusses 3 choices for his sacrifice to complete his transformation.

Employee of the Month Flyer

  • The woman in this flyer, Catherine Hill, is referenced in Aaron de Vaille's accompanying letter.
  • According to the letter, Aaron seems to have no ill feelings toward Catherine.

Facebook Screenshot

  • This is a screenshot of John Blaine's employee spotlight on the Listening Friends of America Facebook page.

Happy Balloon Activity

  • We are meant to cut out the hot air balloons and cut along the dotted line, then place the two pieces together.
  • This gives us a word to search for on the Whispers from Theodorus website: "Electiones", which is Latin for "choices".
    • Search using the word electiones and use "choices" as the password.

John William James Letter

  • JWJ talks of heading farther west and cleaning up the mess his disciples have made along the way.
    • Does he plan to eliminate them as he eliminated Jacob Nilson?
  • JWJ references how Aaron de Vaille was transferred from Darlington because of his correspondences with JWJ.

Map Screenshot

  • This is a map for the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. It is slightly altered from the original map.
    • The original map shows a person on horseback in the "yield to" symbol, while the screenshot shows a person walking a dog.
    • There is also an extra trail added to the screenshot map that is not on the original.

Newspaper Article

  • This article relays the disappointment JWJ found in Cleo. She killed a complete stranger, but she was caught by the authorities. She was sloppy. JWJ does not like sloppiness.

Rune Message

  • Using the Viking runic alphabet to translate, the message reads: "I LIC XE LIST PIC WIZLY XE HISTORYAN WIL NO".
    • Phonetically, the message reads as: "I LIKE THE LIST. PICK WISELY. THE HISTORIAN WILL KNOW."

Talaria Letter

  • This letter reads the exact same as the previous two Talaria letters.

Website Profile Screenshot

  • This is the profile of Clarissa Hatherly, who is referenced in Aaron de Vaille's accompanying letter.
  • According to the letter, Aaron dislikes Clarissa for "airing her dirty laundry" on social media.


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