The Blue House Passage

  • On the second page of the accompanying scanned diary pages, there is a copy of this passage. Three words are scratched out.
    • They can be found on this page: "defeat the dark".

Doctor's Memo

  • It would appear Grace has finally terminated the doctor's services.
  • This memo follows suit with the memo from Episode 3. This time, there are 2 green triangles. Use the same method as before, placing the prism from Episode 2 on these triangles to reveal hidden messages.
  • The first triangle is in the upper-right corner.
  • The hidden message reads:
    • "Will devour. You all. Darkness."
  • The second triangle is over the last word of the last paragraph.
  • The hidden message reads:
    • "Stop me. Nothing. You can do will."

Iron Nail

  • This is to be used in the hex banishing ritual.

Letter from Grace

  • In this letter, Grace speaks of using stronger magic to expel the demon from the doctor in hopes that he will be able to truly return Isabella to her.
  • Grace mentions "ancient maledictions".
    • "Maledictions" is the password-protected blog entry we can access this episode.

Letter from Kayla

  • Kayla finally reveals that she is at fault for Isabella's possession. When Isabella removed the knotted twine bracelet in order to wear Kayla's gift, she became susceptible to the darkness.

Scanned Diary Pages

  • On the second page, there is a copy of "The Blue House" passage we received. Three words are scratched out. They can be discovered on the original.

Spell Instructions

  • Using the spirit alphabet to decode, the instructions read:
    • Place token in target's hand inside glass jar with lid.
    • Pour water from cupped palms into jar three times.
    • Seal jar and place outside for full cycle of the sun and moon.
    • Then recite over graveyard earth, "Come denizens of the dead earth. Expel the poison and quell its power."
    • Add earth to water.
    • Seal lid on jar.
    • With strong nail, inscribe name of target onto black candle.
    • Drip wax onto the jar lid and recite, "Come denizens of the realm of flame."
    • Seal the wickedness and keep it fast.
    • Dig in ground and place within, then recite, "Come denizens of the living earth."
    • Banish the evil and let it be no more.
    • Cover jar with earth.

Vial of Dirt

  • This is to be used in the hex banishing ritual.
  • After adding the dirt to water, the water will turn red. The color will become more prominent when the dirt settles.
    • "Red" is the password for the password-protected blog we can access this episode.