The Peeker

You guys have heard about the Peeker, right?


That's odd, because you've probably seen him at least once.

Everyone has seen him, even if you don't know it.

He's the thing that lurks right behind your doorframe. He makes that noise that makes you jump, but you'll check and there's nothing there. He's that thing that you think you see peeking from behind your door, but you shake your head, sure you've imagined it.

You'll know when he's there. First, you'll get this chill down your body. You'll feel like something is watching you. The hairs on your neck might stand up. Then you'll look around your room and turn on all the lights. He loves the lights.

Once you've calmed down and settled back into your routine, you'll see him in the corner of your eye. You'll see an odd shadow peeking from behind the doorframe. You might think it's just your paranoia and ignore it.

He hates being ignored.

But if you keep staring at the door, that's when you'll start to see a figure. First, you'll notice a shoulder or a leg. He isn't wearing clothes and his skin is a milky black with a sludge-like sheen. He has sparse black hairs that stick up like pine needles. At this point, you might get scared and pull the covers over your face.

He hates when you stop looking.

But if you can't look away, you'll see more of him. His torso will creep around so you can see his curled back. You'll notice his exposed ribs. You might realize that he isn't breathing. His hands will be twisting in circles, the only part of him that appears to be moving. They curl and twist into unrecognizable shapes. This site might cause you so much fear you pass out.

He hates when you do that.

But if you are brave enough to stay conscious you'll watch his head slowly appear. He has no face. It is just an empty bowl of skin. It looks as if someone scooped out the front of a man's head and left him with just the back of his skull. You'll see the longer black needles that litter his neck. You'll hold your breath, but you can't look away.

He loves that you can't look away.

He won't walk towards you. Instead, he will suddenly be next to you, his empty skull inches away. If he breathed you would feel his hot breath. You'll piss yourself. You'll beg him not to hurt you. You'll wish you had just ignored the shadow behind the door.

The next day your family will find your body in pieces scattered across your room. They will say that some animal must have gotten inside. You've been eaten from the inside out. The authorities will not be able to find your hands. The bone will appear to be cut at the wrist.

The Peeker will take your hands and exchange them for his own. This will satisfy him for a while. But after a few days, the hands will reject the host, and start trying to escape. He'll have to go hunting again. His hands will curl and twist.

But don't worry, you've never even heard of the Peeker.

You've never seen a shadow peeking from behind the doorframe, have you?