Radiant Mountain

Radiant Mountain Survivors




Can't Believe Someone Captured This

  • The poster hints at the password to the "These Videos" link, which can be found on the accompanying propaganda poster.
  • The password is:
    • "Amplify"
  • Someone infiltrated the cult and got video of Alexander Thomas's Ritual of Cleromancy!
  • We don't see the actual killing, but we do see the aftermath.
  • It can be assumed that our videographer escaped the Raven at least long enough to upload these videos.



Correct Answers

  1. Is your spirit brave enough to speak out against the Untrue Guide? → D - Yes, I'm ready to forge a new future for the Radiant Mountain
  2. Do you ever wonder whether others feel the way you do? → B - Yes, I worry they don't have the same doubts and anxieties I do
  3. Why has Raven Welgram III led us astray? → B - He's lost touch with the will of his people
  4. What has Raven Welgram III forbidden? → B - Sharing our wisdom with those below our rank
  5. How should we study the Sacred Word? → B - We should study it as it was first set down
  6. What has Raven Welgram III robbed us of? → C - Our loved one's lives
  7. Is the sacrifice of blood necessary to Glorify the Divine? → C - No, the blood does not need to flow
  8. Why must the Raven be unmade? → D - It was foretold that the Raven is not eternal
  9. How will we cleanse the Radiant Mountain? → D - With purifying fire
  10. Are you prepared to greet the twilit age? → A - Yes, I'm ready to be One with the Divine

Squirrel Meditation



  • Rachel is out sick. Ha, yeah right. What a crock. Wonderful, relaxing holiday, my ass. And, who the hell is this Michael? I like Rachel's voice better.
  • Michael refers to the eye mask, which he calls a "visual deprivation mask", and instructs us to wear it.
  • Anytime Michael says "Repeat", the garbled voice also says "Repeat".
  • Starting at the 7:35 mark, the mysterious voice can be heard speaking backward.
  • When played correctly, the phrases are:
    • "My hunger grows."
    • "Open yourself and feed me."
    • "Invoke the name of Ravannmot."
    • "No world will be spared."