Abigail's Divine Chronicle Entry

  • Charlotte is Abigail and Daniel's daughter.
  • In this entry, Abigail makes it clear that electronics are not banned from the commune, as she received a text from Daniel.
  • In this entry, Abigail confirms that she is Daniel's wife. Abigail mentions her son...
    • Is this Daniel's son too?
    • If so, how come Frederick only referenced Abigail and Charlotte in his letter to Daniel?
  • Holy shitballs...
    • Abigail reveals that her son, Alexander, was a freakin' sacrifice! That's why Frederick didn't mention him in his letter to Daniel.
    • The sacrifice is being "hollowed", what everyone's ultimate goal in this place is.
    • Being "hollowed" does equal death, as witnessed in the cases of Isabella and Dr. Oliver in The Woods.

Daniel's Platform

  • It appears Daniel has made a campaign against the Raven.
  • Are there others who will help us take the Raven down?

Handwritten Note

  • This is used in conjunction with the incense cone and burner.
  • Daniel gives instructions for a ritual to perform after lighting the incense.

Incense Burner

  • This is to place the accompanying incense cone upon.
  • It kind of looks like an abstract rabbit to me...

Incense Cone

  • This is meant to be placed on the accompanying incense burner and lit, followed by conducting the ritual provided on the handwritten note.

Letter from Daniel

  • It seems that Daniel is our mysterious friend who has been sending us the handwritten notes in our packages.
  • The section where he mentions a bunch of numbers is actually the key to a book cipher in the Veridical Codex Umbra.
    • The first number is the page number, and the second number is a word on that page.

Meditation Card with Pin

  • This card gives us access to our next meditation.

Note from Frederick to Daniel

  • Wow, Frederick is not a cool dude.
  • He is keeping close tabs on Daniel and vows to turn him in if Daniel does not change his ways and get with the program of the cult.
  • Abigail is Daniel's wife.

Note from Raven Welgram III

  • The Raven is full of it. He never went through the "hollowing".
    • We know better that he would not exist if he had, he would be dead or occupied by another being while his body slowly dies.
  • Certain phrases in the Raven's note are italicized. These phrases match up with phrases in the Veridical Codex Umbra.
    • Match up the numbers of the phrases from the book (sections "The Litany of Many Appellations" and "The Litany of Many Instruments") to the italicized phrases in the Raven's note.
  • The phrases are:
    • "which cleaves the unbeliever" = 5
    • "Adamantine Mortar and ground to dust" = 13
    • "Adamantine Mortar and ground to dust" = 16
    • "blessed by the spirit of smoke" = 20
    • "calls down the current from the sky" = 25
    • "Bridge of the Requiter" = 25
    • "luminous wing" = 15
    • "Drum of Invocation, which beats in the blood of all believers" = 21
    • "lost to all but those who seek" = 18
    • "He of the light in the darkness" = 19
    • "Murmux compels the dead to answer" = 5
    • "Shamhurish guards the doors to the fifth palace" = 12
    • "all time unfurls from the Endless Wheel" = 6
  • Translating the numbers into letters, the message reads:

Veridical Codex Umbra

  • The Raven is replaced if stricken with madness... lol.
  • "The Ritual of Cleromancy" clarifies how Alexander, Daniel's son, was chosen as the vessel to be sacrificed.
    • It also deals with invoking Arawn, the "friend" of Isabella in The Woods. So that is how she became a vessel, by messing around with Arawn.
    • I have to wonder, though, was Isabella secretly involved with the people of Radiant Mountain?
  • "To receive me is to traverse the never-ending maze."
    • Does this refer to the red herring path at the end of The Woods?
  • Arawn is the lord and guide of the otherworld.
    • Sounds about right.
  • Oh, my god, there are boobies in this book...!
    • Come on, now, we're all mature adults.
    • But, seriously, what is with all the naked people and all the clothed beings taking them into custody looking like animals?
  • This is the sixth edition.
    • I wonder what has all changed over the revisions of this book.
  • The key to solving the book cipher is located in the letter from Daniel.
    • 16/16: one
    • 17/169: more
    • 22/32: the
    • 21/2: first
    • 12/2: of
    • 8/28: each
    • 22/22: I
    • 8/89: offer
    • 5/63: reflected
    • 13/49: affection
  • The message reads:
    • "One more the first of each I offer reflected affection."
  • "The first of each" means the first letter of each of the following words: "iora".


Iora (Squirrel Survey)
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  • Correct Answers
    1. What is a Squirrel's duty? → C - Safeguard the sacred rituals of the Faith
    2. When you dream, what do you dream of? → A - What has been
    3. What do you find solace in? → D - Helping my brethren glorify the Divine
    4. Oh knotted bough of oak, your branch to bramble grow... → C - I traded life for lore
    5. What do you see when you close your eyes and still your mind? → B - The reflection in an empty mirror
    6. What is the Truth you can never speak? → A - I worry I have not done enough to amplify the Divine
    7. What is the weakness you most long to shed? → D - Conceit about my earthly deeds
    8. What is name by which you invoke that which has many names? → B - Malhalapwuena, breaker of barriers
    9. What are you? → C - The glowing bodies and the cave that they hang from
    10. What will you Hollow yourself to become? → B - The Gatekeeper of the Raven

Radiant Mountain
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  • Nothing new.

Sparrow Meditation
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  • Password

  • Rachel instructs us to light our incense.
  • Rachel tells us we must keep an eye on our families and punish them if they stray from the path.
  • "All will be consumed..."
    • Yeah, by the big bad this cult worships!
  • OH, MY GOD! Is she seriously saying the deer is happy being roasted on a spit!?
  • "I will share myself with my family..."
    • Made me instantly think of giving pieces of myself to my family for them to consume.
  • At mark 7:33, there is a tinkling beep sound. This is actually a tap code. Listen for them.
    • 7:33 → 2/3 = H
    • 7:48 → 1/5 = E
    • 8:00 → 3/1 = L
    • 8:05 → 3/5 = P
    • 8:10 → 3/2 = M
    • 8:20 → 1/5 = E
  • Once decoded, the message reveals:
    • "Help Me"
  • So, Rachel IS an unwilling participant in the hollowing!
  • At mark 8:54, white noise can be heard in the background, and Rachel's voice begins to strain once again.
  • The garbled voice kicks in at 9:06, repeating what Rachel is saying under Rachel's voice, as if feeding her the words. At 9:26, Rachel takes one last breath and all is silent.
    • What the hell just happened? Has she been hollowed?
    • When she concludes the recording, is the ominous being (The Divine) inside her, controlling her?
    • It can be heard one last time at 9:44, like a whisper or exhale...