Iora (Squirrel Quiz)

Correct Answers

  1. What is a Squirrel's duty? → C - Safeguard the sacred rituals of the Faith
  2. When you dream, what do you dream of? → A - What has been
  3. What do you find solace in? → D - Helping my brethren glorify the Divine
  4. Oh knotted bough of oak, your branch to bramble grow... → C - I traded life for lore
  5. What do you see when you close your eyes and still your mind? → B - The reflection in an empty mirror
  6. What is the Truth you can never speak? → A - I worry I have not done enough to amplify the Divine
  7. What is the weakness you most long to shed? → D - Conceit about my earthly deeds
  8. What is name by which you invoke that which has many names? → B - Malhalapwuena, breaker of barriers
  9. What are you? → C - The glowing bodies and the cave that they hang from
  10. What will you Hollow yourself to become? → B - The Gatekeeper of the Raven

Radiant Mountain

Sparrow Meditation



  • Rachel instructs us to light our incense.
  • Rachel tells us we must keep an eye on our families and punish them if they stray from the path.
  • "All will be consumed..."
    • Yeah, by the big bad this cult worships!
  • OH, MY GOD! Is she seriously saying the deer is happy being roasted on a spit!?
  • "I will share myself with my family..."
    • Made me instantly think of giving pieces of myself to my family for them to consume.
  • At mark 7:33, there is a tinkling beep sound. This is actually a tap code. Listen for them.
    • 7:33 → 2/3 = H
    • 7:48 → 1/5 = E
    • 8:00 → 3/1 = L
    • 8:05 → 3/5 = P
    • 8:10 → 3/2 = M
    • 8:20 → 1/5 = E
  • Once decoded, the message reveals:
    • "Help Me"
  • So, Rachel IS an unwilling participant in the hollowing!
  • At mark 8:54, white noise can be heard in the background, and Rachel's voice begins to strain once again.
  • The garbled voice kicks in at 9:06, repeating what Rachel is saying under Rachel's voice, as if feeding her the words. At 9:26, Rachel takes one last breath and all is silent.
    • What the hell just happened? Has she been hollowed?
    • When she concludes the recording, is the ominous being (The Divine) inside her, controlling her?
    • It can be heard one last time at 9:44, like a whisper or exhale...