• Password
    • NWDR5487


⍻ Exegesis of Elucidation

⍻ Handwritten Note

⍻ Labyrinth Weaver

⍻ Letter from Frederick

⍻ Meditation Card with Pin

⍻ Patterned Print

⍻ Secrets of the Labyrinth Weaver

⍻ Veridical Codex Lux

Physical Items

Exegesis of Elucidation

  • The design I created with the green "wheel" using the labyrinth weaver doesn't match any of the designs on the Elucidation, but it is closest to the second one.

Handwritten Note

  • This was stuck into the Veridical Codex Lux book.
  • The key to solving this puzzle is "six senses forward". Shift all letters forward by 6.
  • The resulting message reads:
    • "Upon this foundation we grow to the soaring sweet song from the harp of the dawn as an endless bright lightning burns sky to the earth while the fauna and ferns wish their true names be hidden to all but the raven."

Labyrinth Weaver

  • Wow, I haven't seen one of these things since I was a kid!
  • Use any size "wheel" you wish. Place it in one of the bigger openings, flush with the edge. Place the tip of a pen or pencil in any hole and push the "wheel" in a circular motion around the edge of the hole to create a pattern.
    • Compare your patterns to the ones provided in the "Exegesis of Elucidation".

Letter from Frederick

  • According to this letter, we are now officially a Deer and part of the cult!
  • What are the consequences of accessing information above our status?

Meditation Card with Pin

  • This includes the Deer pin referenced in Frederick's letter.
  • The card directs us to a website, and instructs us to enter the code "ANTLER".
  • Going to this website leads us to an audio file.

Patterned Print

  • In the Deer Meditation, Rachel instructs us to look at this pattern.
  • Scanning the barcode on the back with an app on my phone came up with:
    • "Unmake the world"

Secrets of the Labyrinth Weaver

  • This explains how to use the labyrinth weaver.

Veridical Codex Lux

  • I hope this isn't meant for a book cipher...
  • This book references the tree and True Name concept from the "Lost in the Labyrinth" page from The Woods Episode 5.
  • On page 19, what kind of dates are those?
    • Are the other dates codes as well?
  • The clue to what we can unlock on the Radiant Mountain Survivors blog can be found in this book.
  • So... this is a book cipher... Great...
  • The "dates" on pages 18 and 19 represent the page number (first number) and a word on that page (second number).
    • 3/2 = The
    • 11/4 = Raven
    • 9/30 = is
    • 9/31 = not
    • 3/22 = eternal
    • 7/13 = and
    • 11/105 = will
    • 11/144 = be
    • 11/145 = unmade
    • 9/48 = without
    • 3/36 = face
  • The message reads:
    • "The Raven is not eternal and will be unmade without face."


Deer Meditation

  • Password
    • ANTLER

  • Rachel instructs us to look at the patterned print while listening. (BRAINWASHING!)
    • At the 4:03 marker, the ominous voice says, "Listen."
    • At 5:21, the voice says something indecipherable.
    • At 6:57, the voice says, "I will walk the path."
    • At 7:33, the voice says, "Welcome."
  • Throughout this audio, Rachel's voice becomes strained.
    • What's going on?
    • Wouldn't it be something if this was Rachel Scalione from Hunt a Killer's Awakening Episode 1 and the reason Jacob Nilson took over as inspector is because Rachel joined Radiant Mountain?

Gealog (Sparrow Survey)

  • Correct Answers
    1. What is your purpose as a Deer? → B - To obey and serve as the Family's foundation
    2. What will be your purpose as a Sparrow? → D - To recruit and help the Family grow
    3. What action best describes your Soul? → A - Soaring
    4. What Divine instrument helps the Sparrow sing? → B - The Harp of Dawn
    5. When did the Gilded Oak first come to be? → C - The Era of Endless Lightning
    6. Who is the Glorious Paragon who made an engine of the light? → B - William, called by the name of the fern
    7. Who can control the Divine Power? → A - No one
    8. What will grant you power and dominion over a creature? → C - The creature's True Name
    9. What is your True name? → B - My True name is still hidden to me
    10. Who is the one True guide you must obey above all others? → D - The Raven

Radiant Mountain Survivors

  • Password
    • DT8996

News and Media

  • Starting to Gain Some Traction
    • The first poster mentions "Thomas, who lit the world".
    • On page 16 of the Veridical Codex Lux, Thomas's True name was heath. This is the password needed to gain access to the documentary video.
  • RM Documentary Video
    • Password
      • heath
    • Clicking on the link below the video (posted by our friend) leads us to the Sparrow Survey.