Deer Meditation



  • Rachel instructs us to look at the patterned print while listening. (BRAINWASHING!)
    • At the 4:03 marker, the ominous voice says, "Listen."
    • At 5:21, the voice says something indecipherable.
    • At 6:57, the voice says, "I will walk the path."
    • At 7:33, the voice says, "Welcome."
  • Throughout this audio, Rachel's voice becomes strained.
    • What's going on?
    • Wouldn't it be something if this was Rachel Scalione from Hunt a Killer's Awakening Episode 1 and the reason Jacob Nilson took over as inspector is because Rachel joined Radiant Mountain?

Gealog (Sparrow Survey)

Correct Answers

  1. What is your purpose as a Deer? → B - To obey and serve as the Family's foundation
  2. What will be your purpose as a Sparrow? → D - To recruit and help the Family grow
  3. What action best describes your Soul? → A - Soaring
  4. What Divine instrument helps the Sparrow sing? → B - The Harp of Dawn
  5. When did the Gilded Oak first come to be? → C - The Era of Endless Lightning
  6. Who is the Glorious Paragon who made an engine of the light? → B - William, called by the name of the fern
  7. Who can control the Divine Power? → A - No one
  8. What will grant you power and dominion over a creature? → C - The creature's True Name
  9. What is your True name? → B - My True name is still hidden to me
  10. Who is the one True guide you must obey above all others? → D - The Raven

Radiant Mountain

Radiant Mountain Survivors



News and Media

Starting to Gain Some Traction

  • The first poster mentions "Thomas, who lit the world".
  • On page 16 of the Veridical Codex Lux, Thomas's True name was heath. This is the password needed to gain access to the documentary video.

RM Documentary Video



  • Clicking on the link below the video (posted by our friend) leads us to the Sparrow Survey.