Bead Bracelet with Explanation

  • The bracelet I received had a combination of gold (clear) and rose (pinkish) beads.
  • According to the accompanying explanation:
    • Gold holds the warmth we feel beneath the ever-burning peak.
    • Rose holds the love we feel for both our Family and the Divine.

Handwritten Note

  • My head hurts...
  • The note is addressed to "Orphan".
    • Are we "Orphan"?
  • All the words in the quoted text are capitalized. Reading only the first letters of the words gives us:
  • This is actually a website for Radiant Mountain Survivors.
  • The password for the website is: DT8996.
    • This is repeated twice towards the bottom of the note, meaning it must be important.


  • The headphones can be used to listen to the meditation track referenced on the meditation coupon.

Letter from Frederick

  • This serves as an introductory letter. Frederick invites us to join the community on their website.

Meditation Coupon

  • This coupon directs us to a website, and instructs us to enter code "FAWN" for a free virtual meditation workshop.
  • Following these instructions leads us to an audio file.

Prayer Card

  • The card instructs us to pause at the closing of each line.
  • Pay special attention to the last letter of each line. A hidden message is revealed:
    • "BOW TO ME"

Radiant Mountain Flyer

  • This is a run-of-the-mill flyer displaying all that Radiant Mountain has to offer members.
  • This document also leads to their website.

Veridiction of Raven Welgram III

  • In this pamphlet, the hierarchy tiers are clarified. Everyone starts out as a Fawn. When they have learned the basic ways of the commune, they graduate.
  1. Deer
  2. Sparrow
  3. Squirrel
  4. Raven