Ami Letter

  • Ami provides us with the new desktop password.
  • She's uploaded another audio file for us.
    • Of course, Lillian was the only one to use hers.
  • There is a new version of the assignment.
    • Michelle wants us to eliminate another suspect.

Feline Bone

  • This was found inside the lab tent.
  • When compared to the animal identification chart provided in the "Tools" section of Michelle's website, this jawbone is very similar to the Canadian Lynx but it does not match up with the measurements...


  • This was found between two tents.
  • There does not appear to be anything inside (got me thinking back to the 1934 Premium Case...).
  • This was used to sneak alcohol into the camp and provided to Toby to instigate the argument between him and Emma.
  • On the bottom of the flask are engraved the initials C.W.
    • This flask belonged to Conrad.
    • Was he the one to furnish alcohol to Toby? Why would he do that?

Injury Report

  • This document describes the altercation between Toby and Emma.
  • This lines up exactly with Lillian's storyboard.
  • Nigel says Lillian pulled out her camera to film the event, while Conrad just sat and watched.


  • This is a photograph of waterfalls.
  • On the back is the message:
    • "Reminder: Add golden hour footage to Segment 3"
    • This is in Lillian's handwriting.
  • This photo was most likely taken while Lillian was hiking and practicing her voice-over.
  • There is only one waterfall on the map, on the very opposite side of where Toby's body was found.
    • This means Lillian cannot be the killer...


  • This is a receipt for a 5-month permit (prepaid) dated 5/4/18 at 2:13 PM valid through 10/3/18.
  • On the back are two coded messages. These can be solved using the same quadrant method as the postcard message in Episode 3.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • Aug 31
  • The handwriting doesn't match that of any we've seen so far, so I can only assume it belongs to Conrad.
    • What did he have planned?
    • And why was the date crossed out?

Termination Memo

  • This letter is dated approximately 2 years before the Alaskan expedition began.
  • It is a letter from the University Dean confirming Emma's being shit-canned.

Textbook Page

  • These are notations that Emma made while planning a petition.
    • She wanted suitable habitat for the Ghost Lynx, so this must have happened shortly before/during the time of the expedition.

Weekly Report

  • Right away, Lillian was putting Toby in danger to get her way, with no regard for his safety.