Ami Letter

  • Ami says she found bloody gauze. This is what was used to get the DNA samples on DeviantTracker.

Character Notes

  • This document was written by Lillian.
  • She highlights shots she has and shots she needs (from the storyboard we received in Episode 3).

Field Journal Page

  • Someone is quite the artist...
  • This page was written by Emma, the "animal rights" expedition member.

Luggage Tag

  • This is a tag for a trip to Anchorage, Alaska from Denver, Colorado on May 4th.
  • On the back is a code written in the rabbit track Morse code.
  • Once deciphered, the messages read:
    • "FINE. YOU OWE ME."
  • When compared to other documents, it can be deduced that the first message is from Emma and the second message is from Rusty.

PI Letter

  • Michelle suggests that we go back and review past materials Ami has sent us.
  • She also gives us the new password for the website.

Trap Sensor Log

  • The trap in L33 was reset at 10:11 pm. An image of the suspect was picked up on the camera in F15 at 10:15 pm.
    • Since Rusty is the only one who deals with traps, it is safe to assume that he was not the individual captured on the infrared camera and can be eliminated as a suspect.


  • This was found inside Toby's backpack.
  • It was found in Region 3A, L06.
  • Inside the wallet is Toby's student ID card.
  • There is also a slip of paper (tucked into one of the card slots in the wallet I received). It is printed on label paper.
    • It is a message written to Toby, telling him to go to Echo Cavern at twilight under the guise of a "shot of a lifetime".

Weekly Report

  • I wonder what the "incident" was.
  • "Lillian has been a joy to work with."
    • What?! Seriously? How?
  • This report suggests that the Morse code written on the back of the luggage tag was directed to and responded to by Rusty.