Ami Letter

  • Ami informs us of how to access her files on Michelle's website.
  • This is the letter Michelle received asking for her services.


  • Okay, now I am starting to understand why this is a suspected murder instead of an obvious open-and-shut animal attack.
  • In the "circumstantial summary", the ME states: "The postmortem injuries obscure the specific circumstances of the fatality, but are consistent with scavenging behaviors of animals known in the area the decedent was found."
    • Any injuries caused by a murder would have been decimated and covered up by scavenging animals.

Bear Claw

  • This was discovered in the lab tent at the campsite.

Department Newsletter

  • This newsletter sports an article of the planned expedition to find the "ghost lynx".
  • Zombie Fungus and Other Entomopathogenic Parasites!!
    • Where the hell was this class when I was taking college courses?!

Field Interviews

Conrad Wildingham

  • An hour or so of stretching?
    • Jeez-uz.
  • Conrad mentions an eagle's nest Toby was interested in to the southeast of the camp.

Emma Marie Clarkson

  • Emma claims she accompanied Rusty to check on a trap.
  • She also mentions the eagle's nest Toby was interested in.
    • The body was found west of the camp.

Lillian Walker

  • Lillian also went off by herself after dinner/sundown. Even though she knew they were not to go off alone.
  • She knew that Toby had gone off on his own too. Or did he? Maybe they went off together...

Nigel Ricci

  • Nigel is the only expedition member to not have a bad thing to say about Toby.
  • He says he heard rustling sounds coming from another tent and just assumed it was Conrad doing his exercises.
    • Could this have been a struggle between Toby and his killer?

Rusty Tudlik

  • Rusty accounts for being the one to realize Toby was missing at "curfew" and how he alerted the ranger station.
  • According to Rusty, Toby was inexperienced in comparison to the rest of the expedition members.

Incident Area Sketch

  • This shows the approximation of locations.
    • Why were the compass and medallion on opposite sides of the camp yet so far from the mirror and body?
    • Did Toby lose them as he was hiking?

Incident Report

  • We can start building a timeline from this document.
  • Ranger Beth Fleming observed that it appeared the body was dragged to the cave entrance, and that the cause of death was a bear attack as there were bear tracks and bear scat nearby.
  • Along with a destroyed camera, shredded granola bar wrapper, and flashlight, Toby's backpack was found 2 yards from his body.
  • The backpack contained:
    • a wallet
    • lanyard and attached keychain
    • multitool (which we received)
    • camera lens
    • compass
    • Moon Summit wildlife guide (which we received)
    • Moon Summit Region 3A map
    • functional walkie-talkie


  • This was found in Toby Mendia's backpack.


  • This is a photograph of the victim, Toby Mendia, postmortem.

PI Letter

  • Michelle has created a new shared desktop for us and is assigning assignments this time around.
  • Ooh, DeviantTracker Pro... Wonder what upgrades that program has been given.
  • She gives us a semi-tutorial of how to navigate the website.

Wildlife Guide

  • We are provided a website in this booklet.
  • It also doubles as a place to keep our notes throughout this season.


Moon Summit Case
Visit Website

  • Password
    • XNYL01

  • Michelle has really kicked this website up compared to her website for Charles MacDonagh in Class of '98.
  • This is where we can access files that Michelle uploads as well as Ami's university portal.

Whitlock University Portal

  • Username
    • atakahashi
  • Password
    • orcinus92

  • Ami provides us with a supply list of what was issued to the expedition team.
  • Note that the tactical knife measures 5" long.
    • This is the depth of the lung wound noted in the autopsy report.

Moon Summit National Park
Visit Website

  • A lot of this information is also included in the wildlife guide.
  • We can learn a little bit about the park and which areas are more prominent to have certain types of animals.
    • Region 3A (Echo Cavern) has a grizzly bear habitat.
    • Region 1C (West Edge Cliff) holds the eagle's nest Toby was supposedly interested in photographing.


Remaining Suspects

  • Conrad Wildingham
  • Emma Clarkson
  • Lillian Walker
  • Nigel Ricci
  • Russell Tudlik


Running Timeline

8:00 PM

  • Expedition team at dinner.

9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

  • Toby Mendia left the campsite for unknown reasons.
  • Rusty Tudlik checked on a trap east of the camp.
  • Lillian Walker left the campsite alone to take "documentary photographs".
  • Emma Clarkson accompanied Rusty Tudlik in checking his trap.


What is the murder weapon?

  • Tactical Knife