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⍻ David's Notes

⍻ Instructions from Elin

⍻ Letter from Museum Curator

⍻ Letter from Museum Director

⍻ Message from David

⍻ Mining Company Map

⍻ Museum Decal

⍻ Otherworld Map

⍻ Otherworld Spell Part 2

⍻ Possession Test

⍻ Woven Steel

Physical Items

David's Notes

  • There are parts of the note missing. They must be read via blacklight.
  • Once decoded, the missing words are:
    • EH-L-UH-N (x2)
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N
    • L-Y-OH-S-R-OOH-N
    • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
    • EH-L-UH-N
    • AH-R-W-IH-L
    • H-UUH-L-S-K-EH-N
    • AH-R-W-IH-L
    • EH-L-UH-N
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N
    • D-EH-L
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N
    • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
    • EE-F-UUH
    • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
    • EE-F-UHH
    • AH-R-W-IH-L
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N
    • H-UUH-L-S-K-EH-N
    • EH-L-UH-N
    • H-UHH-L-S-K
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N

Instructions from Elin

  • These are the instructions on how to perform the possession test.
  • The coded words translate into:
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N (x2)
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N
    • H-OH-S-T-EH-R-H-OOH-S-K

Letter from Museum Curator

  • June relates that David came back from wherever he had been Just appeared right out of thin air.
  • Yay, we get to take the same "darkness" test that David was made to take.
    • Hmm, how much darkness has invaded our souls?
  • Um, I thought we WEREN'T supposed to reunite all the pieces...
    • June never did say if SHE passed the darkness test...
  • People in town have been having "seizures" and passing out.
    • Damn right, the darkness is to blame.
    • These people are being hollowed out!

Letter from Museum Director

  • Wow, I almost fell asleep trying to read this letter. Now I'm grateful that June didn't include all the curator documents.
  • We are given our next assignment.

Message from David

  • Little black box refers to June's iPhone and Sadie is actually Siri. lol.
  • The coded word David keeps repeating is:
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N
  • We learn how Arawn was released and that the Drift is actually the hollowing.

Mining Company Map

  • There is a coded message toward the bottom-left of this map.
  • The hint to the key is "Wheelwriter 3". Searching this typewriter's keyboard reveals that the % sign is on the 5.
    • Each letter in the code must be shifted forward 5 times.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:
    • "Priority Zones unmarked, please reference security map for accurate depth. Contact Grisham for access."

Museum Decal

  • This is a static-cling sticker.
    • Very creepy-looking.

Otherworld Map

  • Everything has an Otherworld label on it as well.
  • There is writing on the backside of this map. The Otherworld words translate to:
    • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
    • AH-R-W-IH-L
    • EH-L-UH-N
    • AH-R-W-IH-L
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N

Otherworld Spell Part 2

  • Shining a black light on this reveals another part of the sigil. This can be pieced with the otherworld spell from Episode 3. It seems we still need one more piece.
    • Are these the pieces June was talking about reuniting?

Possession Test

  • Holy cow. This paper is heat-sensitive. It turned yellow where I was holding it with my fingers. I didn't even realize that until I was almost finished reading the document...
  • June wants us to email her the results via the contact form on the website.
  • I have yet to receive a response.

Update: I received the email 3 months after completing this episode...

  • The coded words are:
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N (x3)
    • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
    • A-R-AHH-EUH-N (x3)

Woven Steel

  • Elin instructs us on how to use this item in the possession test.


Cooper Heritage Center


  • Apprentice Curator Assignment #4
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    • Correct Answers
      1. When did the Strahlenberg Mining Company establish its first mine in Cooper's Rock? → C - 1875
      2. Who was the last Chairman of the Strahlenberg Board of Directors? → B - Otto J. Bergman
      3. What year did Dr. Jonathan Young join Strahlenberg Mining Co. as a junior camp physician? → D - 1946
      4. On which date did David Griffith mobilize ninety percent of our town's miners to strike? → A - March 17, 1989
      5. What were the names of the naturalists who Strahlenberg privately commissioned to explore the area that would become Cooper's Rock? → B - Sydney Cooper and William Flynn
    • Completing the quiz gives us the password for the new archive.
    • Archive
      • Password
      • This archive gives us access to the "Internal Strahlenberg Emails" PDF.