Cooper Heritage Center


Apprentice Curator Assignment #1



Correct Answers

  1. What were strikebearers known as? → B - Blacklegs
  2. What was the usual nickname for a new miner? → C - Johnny Newcome
  3. What did it mean if you were slabbed? → D - You were hit with a falling rock
  4. Who was Quinine Jimmy? → A - The mining camp doctor on duty
  5. What was the term for the spot where mine cars are emptied of their coal? → B - Tipple
  6. What would miners call the layers of soil and rock covering a coal seam? → C - Overburden
  7. If another miner runs out yelling "Roof fall!", what does he mean? → D - The tunnel collapsed

  • Upon completion of the quiz, you will be given a password for this episode's archives.




  • This archive consists of an interview audio clip of Silas Kemp.
  • Silas clues into security protocols and zone names. He reveals the zone names and partial number string, plus a word.
  • A shift cipher is used to reveal the full password. The zone name is the base. The number string is the shift key (forward).


  • Zone: C - A - I - R - O
  • Authorization Code: 9 - 4 - 11 - 16 - 16
  • Password: L - E - T - H - E

  • At three points of the interview, the voice of what I will refer to from here on out as The Divine (the running-theme evil entity in Empty Faces) can be heard but is indecipherable once again.