The Downward Spiral


This section is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended or squeamish when it comes to gory details, do not proceed. Once you enter, there is no turning back.

The Holders

A comprehensive compilation of the elusive Holders series.

These stories have been gathered from various sources, many of which are questionable at best, but they all follow a similar thread; they tell the tale of a number of Objects, which, when brought together, will bring about horrendous consequences, details of which drive most people mad.

The veracity of the stories is always in question; this is how it is intended to be. Nobody really knows if these Objects are real, or if there are indeed a set number of Objects that exist in the world that yearn for a reunion with their kin. Speculation runs rampant; part of what makes the Holders stories so enticing is the possibility any person could go into a special institution, ask to visit a Holder, and be forced to undergo a test of power to earn an Object.

Some of the Holders have posted their own stories, adding to the mystery of an already eerie and unnerving series. This site is merely an archive; the Holders themselves have leaped around the fields of realm and lore since time immemorial, and the Objects are restless for their Reunion.

The Objects, while powerful and fearsome, lack the ability to freely gather together of their own volition, and so have called forth a need in certain individuals. These people become Seekers, their stories as twisted and damned as the Objects themselves. These Seekers have oft set out for three main reasons: to Seek for Power, to Seek for Reunion, or to Seek for Separation. Their goals are known to mutate and change them into villains and monsters but we can only hope that one with a just heart prevails over these foes.

There may very well be a reason that you have come across this site, dear reader. Perhaps the Objects are calling.

Will you answer?


In any city, in any country, there's a mental institution or halfway house you can try any of these in. There were 2538 of these Objects, but 2000 were lost.

We can all appreciate the efforts of Seekers as the Holders are known to put the Seekers through excruciating madness, at the very least, in their tests. No matter whether good or evil, a Seeker who earns even one Object is deserving of our respect.

Those Who Seek


As rumors persist of stronger Objects, impossible Holders, or even of mad men and women who would hunt their fellow Seekers to steal what was rightfully earned, we occasionally hear of Seekers who are beyond your average person. These Seekers are different from the rest, and have a zeal for what they do, not seen since the lost Seeker. But...



In any city, in any country, on any planet, in any galaxy of any universe, go outside any building and just stand there at, like, 1 AM or sometime around then. If, by any chance, you sit or don't stand still enough, nothing will change; you are just hyperactive and you should work on that.