1:10 PM

  • Safety Inspector Raymond Diaz was escorted to the concert venue area by one of the park attendants.

1:20 PM

  • Performers and crew of the show were taking a break outside the immediate venue. Only Jake Morgan remained inside.
  • Raymond Diaz met with Peter Bowman at the ticket booth.

1:28 PM

  • Rachel Day made an outgoing phone call that lasted roughly 8 and a half minutes.

1:29 PM

  • Gabriel Fontes was live streaming to his fans. This gives him an alibi, as we hear the propping dropping on Jake in the background.
  • *Was it just me, or did he appear/sound drunk?
  • *Why would you be rehearsing drunk?

1:30 PM

  • Jake Morgan was killed by a prop.
  • Oliver Stuart was getting lunch for himself and Ken.

1:31 PM

  • Marcus Tate met with a friend in the parking lot.

1:32 PM

  • Peter Bowman arrived at the scene and promptly called the police after discovering Jake Morgan's body. He was then joined by Dean Castillo, Rachel Day, Gabriel Fontes, Marcus Tate, and Oliver Stuart before closing off the stage.

1:40 PM

  • Oliver Stuart and Dean Castillo returned to the stage.