Band Figurines

  • These are gifts from Shannon.
  • They are inside the merch bag.
    • A figurine for each of the four band members.
  • The bottom of the bases spell out "Ultra Violet" and have symbols:
    • Jake: "ULT" → STAR
    • Marcus: "RAV" → MUSIC NOTE
    • Ollie: "IOL" → SMILEY FACE
    • Gabe: "ET" → HEART

Band Merch Bag

  • This is a gift from Shannon.
  • Inside the bag are figurines of the four band members.

Court Document

  • This details the lawsuit against Peter Bowman.
  • This furthers his motive for killing Jake, seeing as he had altered the band's contract to include life insurance policies.
    • Killing Jake and collecting the policy money would help him pay off the lawsuit.

Elimination Notes

  • These are Shannon's notes for suspect elimination: suspect, alibi, location, and evidence.
    • Gabe's alibi (taking a video) has been proven.
    • Ollie's alibi (talking to stage manager) has been proven.
    • Marcus's alibi (meeting a friend) has been proven.
    • Dean's alibi (getting tea) has not been proven.
    • Peter's alibi (park business) has not been proven.
    • Rachel's alibi (talking to Gabe) has not been fully proven.

Remaining Suspects

  • Dean Castillo
  • Peter Bowman
  • Rachel Day

Manager Note

  • Jake was meeting with someone from a talent agency, meaning he was looking to get rid of Rachel as his manager.

Security Photo

  • This photo corroborates Marcus's witness statement from Episode 1 of him meeting a friend in the parking lot.
  • The sticker on the windshield of the car is from the rehab center. This man must be Marcus's sponsor.
  • The photo is timestamped at 1:31 P.M., which eliminates Marcus as a suspect.

Shannon Letter

  • Shannon tells us of her meeting with Ollie.
  • Of course, the cameras inside the studio happened to conveniently not be recording the day of the murder.
  • Shannon wants us to figure out who the email is from on the desktop.

Tabloid Article

  • Dean Castillo went full-boar with social media to boast that he would be doing a "tribute" to Jake.
    • Can you say attention-hog?

Text Messages

  • These screenshots show time-stamped messages between Ollie and Ken.
    • These corroborate Ollie's witness statement from Episode 1, eliminating him as a suspect.