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⍻ Amends Letter

⍻ Band Interview

⍻ Business Card

⍻ CD Booklet

⍻ CD Case + Sleeve

⍻ Facility Pamphlet

⍻ News Article Collage

⍻ Shannon Letter

⍻ Sobriety Coin

Physical Items

Amends Letter

  • This is a letter to Jake from Marcus while he was in rehab.
    • So it was Jake's idea to do the reunion concert?
    • Marcus definitely has motive for killing him.

Band Interview

  • Marcus seems really sour and butthurt in this interview.
    • He touches on how Jake never wrote any songs yet somehow has writing credit on his solo album.
    • He also mentions "a lesson in trust", touching on his failed attempts to reach Jake via DM.

Business Card

  • This is one of Rachel's business cards.
    • There is a phone number written on the back.
  • The number on the back is for "Spill the Beanz Tipline".

CD Booklet

  • Remember Shannon's hint of using the black light on this item?
  • Shining the black light on the inside of the front cover reveals a hidden message from Ollie at the bottom.
    • He references "Track 12", which is on the back cover.
  • Line the back cover up with the holes cut in the sleeve to reveal Ollie's hidden message.
  • The hidden message reads:

CD Case + Sleeve

  • There is a crack on the front of the case I received. Not sure if that was intentional or if it happened during shipment.
  • Pay special attention to the notches cut out of the back of the sleeve.

Facility Pamphlet

  • This is a pamphlet for a rehab center.
    • One of those for rich people, where it's all massages and mai tais...

News Article Collage

Teen Idol Won't be Charged for Breaking Fan's Nose

  • What the hell?! LOL
  • Lots of mixed stories.
    • The most believable is the girl trying to pull him offstage and him defending himself.
    • Just too humorous that he would just up and kick a girl for no reason. But coupled with the other articles, Ollie had a lot of pent up aggression. He must have known Jake was leaving and the band was about to break up.
    • And why would choreography take him that close to the edge of the stage... that would be dangerous.

Ollie Stuart Crushes Photographer's Foot

  • That's what the paparazzi gets for interfering in personal lives and getting in the way!

Ollie Stuart Flings Footwear in Champagne-Soaked Nightclub Rampage

  • Why the fork would you drink ANYTHING from a shoe...?
  • Jake actually used the song he stole from Gabe on his solo album.
    • Why did this trigger Ollie and not Gabe?

Boy Band Burnout Brought In for Reckless Driving, Resisting Arrest

  • Was Ollie looking for Jake to take some kind of revenge on him?

  • It would appear Ollie had quite the physically abusive temper going on.

Shannon Letter

  • Shannon is trying real hard to keep her love for Just4Fun.
    • This is exactly why I avoid meeting/talking with celebrities in person. I can't help but see them as real people and it begins to ruin the "art" for me.
  • She hints that we should use the black light on the CD album.
  • Shannon wants us to figure out who Jake "slipped to" about his plans of going solo.

Sobriety Coin

  • This is Marcus' 3-month sobriety chip.


Just4Fun Case

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    • Gabe really was livestreaming to his fans when Jake was killed.
      • We can hear the prop dropping in the background.


  • Dean Castillo
  • Gabriel Fontes
  • Marcus Tate
  • Oliver Stuart
  • Peter Bowman
  • Rachel Day


1:20 PM

  • Performers and crew of the show were taking a break outside the immediate venue. Only Jake Morgan remained inside.

1:29 PM

  • Gabriel Fontes was live streaming to his fans. This gives him an alibi, as we hear the propping dropping on Jake in the background.
  • *Was it just me, or did he appear/sound drunk?
  • *Why would you be rehearsing drunk?

1:30 PM

  • Jake Morgan was killed by a prop.

1:32 PM

  • Peter Bowman arrived at the scene and promptly called the police after discovering Jake Morgan's body. He was then joined by Dean Castillo, Rachel Day, Gabriel Fontes, Marcus Tate, and Oliver Stuart before closing off the stage.

1:40 PM

  • Oliver Stuart and Dean Castillo returned to the stage.


Subject Line


Who learned about Jake's plan to go solo?

  • Ollie