Amends Letter

  • This is a letter to Jake from Marcus while he was in rehab.
    • So it was Jake's idea to do the reunion concert?
    • Marcus definitely has motive for killing him.

Band Interview

  • Marcus seems really sour and butthurt in this interview.
    • He touches on how Jake never wrote any songs yet somehow has writing credit on his solo album.
    • He also mentions "a lesson in trust", touching on his failed attempts to reach Jake via DM.

Business Card

  • This is one of Rachel's business cards.
    • There is a phone number written on the back.
  • The number on the back is for "Spill the Beanz Tipline".

CD Booklet

  • Remember Shannon's hint of using the black light on this item?
  • Shining the black light on the inside of the front cover reveals a hidden message from Ollie at the bottom.
    • He references "Track 12", which is on the back cover.
  • Line the back cover up with the holes cut in the sleeve to reveal Ollie's hidden message.
  • The hidden message reads:

CD Case + Sleeve

  • There is a crack on the front of the case I received. Not sure if that was intentional or if it happened during shipment.
  • Pay special attention to the notches cut out of the back of the sleeve.

Facility Pamphlet

  • This is a pamphlet for a rehab center.
    • One of those for rich people, where it's all massages and mai tais...

News Article Collage

Teen Idol Won't be Charged for Breaking Fan's Nose

  • What the hell?! LOL
  • Lots of mixed stories.
    • The most believable is the girl trying to pull him offstage and him defending himself.
    • Just too humorous that he would just up and kick a girl for no reason. But coupled with the other articles, Ollie had a lot of pent up aggression. He must have known Jake was leaving and the band was about to break up.
    • And why would choreography take him that close to the edge of the stage... that would be dangerous.

Ollie Stuart Crushes Photographer's Foot

  • That's what the paparazzi gets for interfering in personal lives and getting in the way!

Ollie Stuart Flings Footwear in Champagne-Soaked Nightclub Rampage

  • Why the fork would you drink ANYTHING from a shoe...?
  • Jake actually used the song he stole from Gabe on his solo album.
    • Why did this trigger Ollie and not Gabe?

Boy Band Burnout Brought In for Reckless Driving, Resisting Arrest

  • Was Ollie looking for Jake to take some kind of revenge on him?

  • It would appear Ollie had quite the physically abusive temper going on.

Shannon Letter

  • Shannon is trying real hard to keep her love for Just4Fun.
    • This is exactly why I avoid meeting/talking with celebrities in person. I can't help but see them as real people and it begins to ruin the "art" for me.
  • She hints that we should use the black light on the CD album.
  • Shannon wants us to figure out who Jake "slipped to" about his plans of going solo.

Sobriety Coin

  • This is Marcus' 3-month sobriety chip.