Charity Bracelet

  • Using the tattoo sheet to decode the message inside:
    • 7 → Rose
    • (o = i) → Rise
    • to 5 → Star
    • (+dom) → Stardom
    • 2 → 4
  • The password to the "Old Chat Logs" folder is:

Fan Zine

  • This brings up the rumor of a fifth band member.
  • According to the "contract" between Peter Bowman and Dean Castillo written on a restaurant napkin, Dean is the fifth member.

Handwritten Lyrics

  • The date on these lyrics is around the time Jake was complaining in his journal about Gabe writing his own songs.
  • The handwriting of "Love and War" does not match that of Jake's in the journal pages.
    • Jake did not write this song. Marcus and Gabe wrote this song about Rachel.
    • Jake stole Gabe's song for his solo album.

Journal Pages

  • Jake was obviously more serious about the music than he let on to the public, and it's evident why he eventually went solo.

Napkin Contract

  • This is a "contract" between Peter Bowman and Dean Castillo.
  • Peter promised to make Dean a start in the "upcoming band".
    • Dean is the rumored fifth band member.
    • That's probably why he tried being so involved with his "ad-libs".

Photobooth Photo

  • This is the photo that was cut from the strip we received in Episode 2.
  • The full inscription on the back is:
    • "2gether 4ever - G hearts R"
  • The photo shows Gabe kissing Rachel; they were the "taboo relationship".

Shannon Letter

  • Shannon is a dirty bird.
  • She finagled her way into Jake's mom's house and "borrowed" some of his belongings.

Tabloid Report

  • This just reveals how skeevy and primadonna Jake really was.

Temporary Tattoo Sheet

  • Note the numbers next to each tattoo. These are used to decode the message inside the charity bracelet.