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⍻ Band Contract

⍻ Band Merch Blacklight

⍻ Band Poster

⍻ Framed Group Photo

⍻ Handwritten Letter

⍻ Hidden Contract

⍻ Jake Interview

⍻ Photobooth Photo

⍻ Shannon Letter

⍻ Tabloid Page

Physical Items

Band Contract

  • This contract reveals that 20% of royalties went to the band members.
  • The band members' initials have obviously been copied and input from a different document, as they do not line up with the border and Peter's "initial" line.

Band Merch Blacklight

  • This can be used on:
    • the band poster
    • the handwritten letter

Band Poster

  • Shining the black light on the poster reveals some images:
    • star
    • musical note
    • heart
    • smiley face

Framed Group Photo

  • Removing the back of the frame reveals a hidden document.
  • It also reveals that the photo was folded to cut out Dean from the frame.

Handwritten Letter

  • This is basically a "Dear John" letter to one of the band members.
    • This proves the "taboo relationship" rumor to be true.
  • According to the recaps, there is supposed to be a hidden symbol on this letter.
    • The letter is signed with "sergeant" stripes. I can see the design very faintly but the black light does not make it pop and makes the design disappear completely.
  • This means the letter was written by the band manager, Rachel, who was nicknamed "Sarge".

Hidden Contract

  • This is behind the framed photo of the band.
  • This contract differs from the "official" one:
    • 75%/25% split for royalties vs. 80%/20%.
    • The company will not assist in obtaining life insurance in this contract.
    • There are no recoupable expenses.

Jake Interview

  • Jake confirms that he kept his fan mail and that he and the band had a little too much fun at one point (but not leading to an arrest).

Photobooth Photo

  • These are photos of Jake and Gabe.
  • On the back is the inscription "2gether"...
  • There was at least one more pic in the strip, but it has been cut away.

Shannon Letter

  • Shannon thinks that looking into old rumors may help pave the way to solving Jake's murder.

Tabloid Page

  • This tabloid has the top 5 rumors we need to weed through in order to narrow down the suspect list.


  • Jake Morgan BURNS HIS FAN MAIL.
    • Disproven by Jake's interview with Fresh15.
  • Star Sign Entertainment DOESN'T PAY J4F.
    • Disproven by the band's contract.
  • One of the guys is in a TABOO RELATIONSHIP.
    • Proven true by the handwritten letter.
  • J4F's vocal coach is an OPERA STAR.
    • Disproven by J4F forum.
  • J4F's manager had J4F ARRESTED.
    • Disproven by Jake's interview with Fresh15.


Just4Fun Case

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  • In the forum, Dean Castillo is revealed to have just been "a local guy who used to sing radio jingles".
    • The poster shared audio clips as proof.


  • Dean Castillo
  • Gabriel Fontes
  • Marcus Tate
  • Oliver Stuart
  • Peter Bowman
  • Rachel Day


1:20 PM

  • Performers and crew of the show were taking a break outside the immediate venue. Only Jake Morgan remained inside.

1:30 PM

  • Jake Morgan was killed by a prop.

1:32 PM

  • Peter Bowman arrived at the scene and promptly called the police after discovering Jake Morgan's body. He was then joined by Dean Castillo, Rachel Day, Gabriel Fontes, Marcus Tate, and Oliver Stuart before closing off the stage.

1:40 PM

  • Oliver Stuart and Dean Castillo returned to the stage.


Subject Line


Which rumor is true?

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