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⍻ Accident Report

⍻ Band Merch Journal

⍻ Gel Pen

⍻ ID Board Photo

⍻ Magazine Page

⍻ PI Letter

⍻ Shannon Letter

⍻ Show Rider

⍻ Spike Chart

⍻ Venue Map

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Physical Items

Accident Report

  • This is a description of the events that occurred at the time of Jake Morgan's death. We can begin to establish our timeline based off this information.
  • All prop functionality was controlled by a software program using command codes.
  • The speed for the prop which killed Jake was tripled and the software was "outdated", leading to the investigator chalking it up to an accident.

Band Merch Journal

  • There are little factoids about the band within this journal as well as a few activities.

Gel Pen

  • I got purple.
  • We can use this to take our notes in the journal.

ID Board Photo

  • These are mugshots of everyone who had VIP access.

Magazine Page

  • The article details the band's uprising and success and Jake's segway into a solo career up until his untimely death.

PI Letter

  • Michelle briefs us on our new endeavor.
  • She has made a new virtual desktop for us.

Shannon Letter

  • This is a letter from Shannon to Michelle beseeching her to take the case.
  • Wow, dropping out of high school just to perchance "run into" a band...? Cuckoo, cuckoo...
  • As with many "group bands", after the split, Jake went on for a solo career while the other members fell into the shadows.

Show Rider

  • This is a rundown of what/who was in each trailer and other specifics.

Spike Chart

  • This shows the members' "marks" on stage, as well as the location of the props.
  • On the backside are the times at which certain events were scheduled to happen.

Venue Map

  • We can use this to pinpoint people's locations during the murder.
    • Gabe claims he was at trailer A recording a video for the fans.
    • Peter claims he was at the ticket booth.
    • Dean claims he was at trailer B making a cup of tea for Jake.
    • Marcus claims he was in the parking lot with a friend.
    • Rachel claims to have been talking with Gabe the entire 20-minute break before cutting through the wings to sit in the audience.
    • Ollie claims he was at the loading dock with Ken, the stage manager, for the full 20-minute break.

VIP Badge + Lanyard

  • Shannon found this in the Star Sign offices and sent it to Michelle.

Witness Statements

Gabriel Fontes

  • Gabe says he was on his way to trailer A during the break.
  • He had a short conversation with Rachel when he reached the trailer.
  • He did a quick video for the fans before hearing a loud noise outside.

Peter Bowman

  • Peter couldn't remember where he was at all, except for the time of the murder...
  • He came from outside the ticket booth.

Dean Castillo

  • Dean says he went to Jake's trailer (trailer B) to make him some tea.
  • He heard Rachel arguing with Gabe behind trailer A.
  • He says he got back to the stage around the same time as Ollie. Peter was already on the phone with 911.

Marcus Tate

  • Marcus corroborates Dean's story of trying to help Jake and being turned away.
  • He went out to the parking lot to meet up with a friend.

Rachel Day

  • Rachel says she and Gabe talked for 20 minutes...
    • The break was only supposed to be 20 minutes, and Gabe said they only talked for a short bit.

Oliver Stuart

  • Oliver says he went to hang at the loading dock.
  • He claims he heard a loud bang and the others went to check on it.
    • This was before the full 20 minutes were up...
  • He says he came back in at 1:40 PM, at the same time as Dean.
  • He claims Ken, the stage manager, was with him at the loading dock the entire time.


Just4Fun Case

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  • In the forum, under the "Last-ever rehearsal" thread, take a look at the photos.
    • In one, we can see that Jake's pink "X" mark had been moved inside the blue box where the star was meant to fall.


  • Dean Castillo
  • Gabriel Fontes
  • Marcus Tate
  • Oliver Stuart
  • Peter Bowman
  • Rachel Day


1:20 PM

  • Performers and crew of the show were taking a break outside the immediate venue. Only Jake Morgan remained inside.

1:30 PM

  • Jake Morgan was killed by a prop.

1:32 PM

  • Peter Bowman arrived at the scene and promptly called the police after discovering Jake Morgan's body. He was then joined by Dean Castillo, Rachel Day, Gabriel Fontes, Marcus Tate, and Oliver Stuart before closing off the stage.

1:40 PM

  • Oliver Stuart and Dean Castillo returned to the stage.


Subject Line


What evidence is there that Jake was murdered?

  • Any of the following will suffice as an answer:
    • mark
    • marks
    • marking
    • markings
    • spike
    • tape
    • X