Cemetery Guide

  • On page 3, the last paragraph explains about wall vaults and how they can act as an oven.

Chemical Analysis

  • Sylvia believes based on the description and components of the mysterious liquid found in Celestine, that it may be Datura.
    • Datura is a type of nightshade flower, which can be very deadly when ingested.

Coroner Assistant's Notes

  • Postmortem body temp was 106.1 degrees Fahrenheit
    • This was due to her being in a wall vault, which acts as an oven.
  • Handbag was opened but it appears nothing was taken
  • Gunshot wound to left temple, .2 inches in diameter
    • Most likely the cause of death
  • Liquid was partially ingested right before death
    • Poison, which didn't do the intended job quickly enough and warranted the gunshot
  • No sexual assault occurred

Float Toys

  • The cardboard slats can be attached to the plastic parts and rolled around.

Letter from Sylvia

  • Sylvia was able to get in touch with Celestine's "voodoo" contact, Zee, as well as obtain partial autopsy notes.
  • How she thinks some toys will help us is beyond me, but we'll find out.

Parade Schedule

  • This is a list of parade krewes and their routes.
  • Sylvia notes that the floats move rather slowly at a rate of about 1 block per 2 minutes.

Pharmacy Inventory

  • On the back seems to be a list of Zee's clients line-up for the day.
  • The second-to-the-bottom entry is Celestine.
    • The items can be matched up with the autopsy notes.
    • The St. Expedite card is referenced.

Saint Expedite Card

  • Zee wrote a quip on the back of this card.
    • "Tomorrow is never promised. Make sure you're walking in the right direction."

Textbook Page

  • According to the autopsy notes, fixed rigor mortis had set in and body temp was 106.1 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 7-9 degrees above normal).
    • Rigor develops between 2-6 hours of death.
    • Body temp rises at approximately 1.5 degrees per hour.
    • According to this text, the normal living body temp is 98.6.
  • So, we take the external temp (106.1) minus the normal living temp (98.6). We then divide that number by 1.5 and subtract that from the time the body was found. Adding a half hour to either end should give us our window of death time.
    • 106.1 - 98.6 = 7.5
    • 7.5 / 1.5 = 5
    • 11:40 +/- 30 minutes = 11:10 - 12:10
  • However, Celestine was at Zee's shop at 11:25, therefore the actual window of death time is:
    • 11:25 - 12:10