Artist Statement

  • Celestine started off following the instructions, then crossed it out and trailed off on a story of running away from home when she was younger. The story is not even finished and ends mid-sentence.
  • Celestine references the story of the rougarou from the storybook we received in Episode 1. She also mentions looking at life "under a different lens".
    • This hints at using the suncatcher with one of her art pieces.

Celestine's Art

  • These appear to be three self-portraits of Celestine.
  • One has 2 suncatchers in the background with the same design as the one Sylvia sent us.
    • "1/9" is written in the top-left corner on the back.
  • Another one is of a woman behind Celestine with what appears to be a heated comb, perhaps to straighten her hair.
    • "1/12" is written in the top-right corner on the back.
  • The final one shows Celestine pouring hot sauce into a gumbo.
    • There appears to be some sort of design in the stew. Either that, or it's just crawfish...
    • "2/6" is written in the top-right corner on the back.
    • Using the suncatcher over the gumbo, peering through the red panels, an image of a werewolf can be made out.

Float Sketches

  • Celestine sketched some ideas for floats.
  • At the bottom of the front side, she wrote some notes but then crossed them out. Why cross them out?
    • In this note, she mentions "latest subject"

Letter from Sylvia

  • Sylvia clarifies our list of suspects:
    • Mason
    • Dillon
    • Jay
    • Nonah
    • Cyril
    • Ines
  • The clue for Celestine's computer password is "latest subject".
    • Could it be a subject of her artwork?

Newspaper Article

  • This article relays that the Krewe of Versaille disbanded and was not able to participate in the Mardi Gras celebrations.

Police Report

  • This report reveals information on the break-in of the MKML. Damage was sustained to numerous floats.
  • Celestine suspected the two vandals of being Dillon and Mason Morales of the Krewe of the Pirate Brothers Jean and Pierre.
  • The brothers' parade route had recently been acquired by the MKML.
  • The brothers' alibi had been corroborated by their parents.


  • Sylvia found this item resting on Celestine's easel in her studio.
  • Two suncatchers with the same pattern are in the background of one of Celestine's self-portraits.
  • This item will be used with one of the self-portraits.