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Physical Items


  • There are four bead necklaces, one for each of the Carnival krewes.
    • KOV - Krewe of Versaille (Cyril Fortier)
    • Krewe of the Pirate Brothers Jean and Pierre (Mason and Dillon Morales)
    • Mystic Krewe of Marie Laveau (Sylvia Jones, Ines Couvillion (current captain), and Celestine Broussard (ex-captain))
    • That Doggone Krewe of Sir Barksalot (Nonah Turner (ex-captain/member), Janelle Perry and Earl Huggins)

Celestine's Obituary

  • Celestine portrayed Marie Laveau in her krewe.

Drink Menu

  • On the back, Sylvia has her little doodles to illustrate her thoughts.
  • Ines said Celestine's hidden key is somewhere between her place and her studio, where she visits her "spiritual protector".

Letter from Sylvia

  • Celestine was shot in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.
  • It is quite possible Celestine knew she was being targeted.
  • Sylvia needs us to help her late Celestine's spare key to investigate her studio.

Magazine Article

  • This article gives a little background information on Mardi Gras for those who don't know much about it (like me).


  • Sylvia provides us with a bunch of cocktail recipes for those who are into that.

Parade Map

  • Sylvia has circled the locations for Celestine's studio as well as her house.

Program Insert

  • This is a flyer stating that the KOV would not be in attendance of the Three Kings Ball due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • This is the book that Celestine thrust upon Sylvia the night of her death.
  • There are colored dots spread throughout the text in this book...
  • Baron Samedi is also known as Saint Expedite (the statue people frequent to "expedite" favors from Marie Lavou).

Three Kings Ball Program

  • This gives us a little more information on the krewes.


Royal Street Case

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Good Fences

  • Posts
    • On page 11, there is a link for Guy GoodFindz' email.
    • Clicking on the link allows us to sign up for his e-newzletter.
    • Try to get past all the z's in place of s's while reading. Uber annoying, I know.

Doc Trailer

  • Why did Ines include all the footage of all arguing with Celestine like that? Not a good look...
  • At the end of the documentary, Celestine is seen standing in front of a shrine with the symbol of Baron Samedi (from the storybook).


Subject Line


Where is Celestine's spare studio key located?

  • Statue of Saint Expedite

Subject Line


What is the password for Celestine's laptop?

  • The sticky note says connect the dots... The only dots to appear so far are in the storybook.
    • We have ourselves a book cipher.
  • The letters are acronyms relating to the story titles. The numbers refer to the words in the italicized portions of the stories.
    • MP 10 = Mère Petitpas and Her Violet Absinthe → Purple
    • GG 2 = Graveyard Guardians / second word → Gray
    • GVQ 16 = Grave of the Voodoo Queen → Crimson
    • PBL 14 = The Pirage Brothers Lafitte and the Baratarians → Turquoise
  • The note says to connect purple dots to gray dots and crimson dots to turquoise dots.
    • On page 7, connecting crimson to turquoise = MBI
    • On page 9, connecting purple to gray = ZO
  • The laptop password is:
    • ZOMBI