My Observations

Royal Street

Episode 1

Physical Items

  • Beads
  • Celestine's Obituary
  • Drink Menu
  • Letter from Sylvia
  • Magazine Article
  • Notebook
  • Parade Map
  • Program Insert
  • Storybook
  • Three Kings Ball Program


  • Royal Street Case


  • Where is Celestine's spare studio key located?
  • What is the password for Celestine's laptop?

Physical Items



There are four bead necklaces, one for each of the Carnival krewes.

  • KOV - Krewe of Versaille (Cyril Fortier)
  • Krewe of the Pirate Brothers Jean and Pierre (Mason and Dillon Morales)
  • Mystic Krewe of Marie Laveau (Sylvia Jones, Ines Couvillion (current captain), and Celestine Broussard (ex-captain))
  • That Doggone Krewe of Sir Barksalot (Nonah Turner (ex-captain/member), Janelle Perry and Earl Huggins)

Celestine's Obituary


Celestine portrayed Marie Laveau in her krewe.

Drink Menu

Observation #1

On the back, Sylvia has her little doodles to illustrate her thoughts.

Observation #2

Ines said Celestine's hidden key is somewhere between her place and her studio, where she visits her "spiritual protector".

Letter from Sylvia

Observation #1

Celestine was shot in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1.

Observation #2

It is quite possible Celestine knew she was being targeted.

Observation #3

Sylvia needs us to help her late Celestine's spare key to investigate her studio.

Magazine Article


This article gives a little background information on Mardi Gras for those who don't know much about it (like me).



Sylvia provides us with a bunch of cocktail recipes for those who are into that.

Parade Map


Sylvia has circled the locations for Celestine's studio as well as her house.

Program Insert


This is a flyer stating that the KOV would not be in attendance of the Three Kings Ball due to unforeseen circumstances.


Observation #1

This is the book that Celestine thrust upon Sylvia the night of her death.

Observation #2

There are colored dots spread throughout the text in this book...

Observation #3

Baron Samedi is also known as Saint Expedite (the statue people frequent to "expedite" favors from Marie Laveau).

Three Kings Ball Program


This gives us a little more information on the krewes.


Royal Street Case

Observation #1



Observation #2 - Good Fences → Posts

On page 11, there is a link for Guy GoodFindz' email.

Observation #3 - Good Fences → Posts

Clicking on the link allows us to sign up for his e-newzletter.

Observation #4 - Good Fences → Posts

Try to get past all the z's in place of s's while reading. Uber annoying, I know.

Observation #5 - Doc Trailer

Why did Ines include all the footage of all arguing with Celestine like that? Not a good look...

Observation #6 - Doc Trailer

At the end of the documentary, Celestine is seen standing in front of a shrine with the symbol of Baron Samedi (from the storybook).


Subject Line


Where is Celestine's spare studio key located?

Statue of Saint Expedite

Subject Line


What is the password for Celestine's laptop?

The sticky note says connect the dots... The only dots to appear so far are in the storybook.

  • We have ourselves a book cipher.

The letters are acronyms relating to the story titles. The numbers refer to the words in the italicized portions of the stories.

  • MP 10 = Mère Petitpas and Her Violet Absinthe → Purple
  • GG 2 = Graveyard Guardians / second word → Gray
  • GVQ 16 = Grave of the Voodoo Queen → Crimson
  • PBL 14 = The Pirage Brothers Lafitte and the Baratarians → Turquoise

The note says to connect purple dots to gray dots and crimson dots to turquoise dots.

  • On page 7, connecting crimson to turquoise = MBI
  • On page 9, connecting purple to gray = ZO

The laptop password is: