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⍻ Excalibur

⍻ Forge Instructions

⍻ Hank's Autopsy

⍻ Jousting Practice Notes

⍻ Letter from Art

⍻ List of Faire Duties

⍻ Mysterious Letter

⍻ Philosopher's Stone

⍻ Spell Instructions

⍻ Tarot Card

Physical Items


  • This is a letter opener in the shape and design of the fabled Excalibur.

Forge Instructions

  • The forge is set up to be hotter than normal by using charcoal instead of coal.
  • On the back are diagrams of how the device operates.

Hank's Autopsy

  • Cause of death was exsanguination (bleeding out).
  • He was literally stabbed in the back.
  • Partial, severe calcination on head, right shoulder, and right arm.
  • Ethanol was found in his system.
  • He was extremely intoxicated at the time of his murder.
  • Coarse sand was found on and in Hank's pockets.
  • Body and facial abrasions caused by sand were created postmortem.
    • The killer dragged Hank through some sort of sand after murdering him.
    • His body was relocated either in an attempt to destroy it/evidence in the forge or to purposefully frame Sam.
  • Other items found in the forge were a shirt, cape, pants, and boots, along with more sand.
  • It can be deduced that Hank was thrown into the forge headfirst.
    • Head was severely charred
    • Body was slightly charred
  • The small intestine sustained severe injury.
    • ruptured and multiple lacerations

Jousting Practice Notes

  • "Make sure to make sure". lol
  • The jousting pit has sand.
  • This means that Hank was dragged through the jousting arena on the way to the forge.

Letter from Art

  • Haha, so she'd rather we be hexed or cursed instead of her. Lovely.

List of Faire Duties

  • Hank's favorite tavern, Baroque Rebirth Tavern, will be renamed in his honor.
  • Lynn has stepped in as the "boss" in place of Hank.

Mysterious Letter

  • This letter can be opened using the Excalibur letter opener provided by Art to carefully lift the sticker seal.
  • The killer is warning Art to not dig any further into Hank's death or she will meet the same fate.

Philosopher's Stone

  • This was found in the hex bag Art found in the woods.
  • There are alchemy symbols followed by Roman numerals.
  • This appears to be the key for a secret code.
  • The Roman numeral indicates the letter in the name to use.

Spell Instructions

  • This was found in the hex bag Art found in the woods.
  • The spell titles are written in the alchemy code.
  • *I had to google the alchemy symbols myself. I was so confused by the recaps saying that the final page gave the names of the symbols... The day after I solved the episode, HAK sent an email including the remainder of the spell instructions, which includes the rest of the spells and a symbol key on the last page.
  • Once deciphered, they are:
    • HONEY
    • CURSE
    • WEALTH

Tarot Card

  • This was found in the hex bag Art found in the woods.
  • There is an alchemy code message written along the edges of this card.
  • Once deciphered, it reads:


Michelle Gray Investigations

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  • Good Fences Posts
    • Good Fences (1)
      • There is a post mentioning a big horn blaring from the faire at midnight, the time of Hank's death.
  • Suspect Interviews
    • Vivian Interview
      • She claims she was in her room above her shop the entire night.
    • Chester Interview
      • He says he saw Vivian entering her room above her shop.
      • He keeps a trailer on the faire grounds.
      • He claims he got back to his trailer around 11:30 PM and worked on a playscript the rest of the night.
    • Lynn Interview
      • She seemed to pause a lot as if thinking of what to say next.
      • She looked to the right a lot indicating she was lying.
    • Morgan Interview
      • He says he lives just a few miles down the road and went there after stopping at the hardware store for some tools for the farm.
      • He glanced off to the left indicating he was remembering details.
    • Cameron Interview
      • He claims Danny crashed with him that night.
      • His tone and body language is very casual, not worried a bit.
      • He says they got food at 6 or 7, right after leaving work, and were hanging out and drinking all night.
    • Danny Interview
      • He seems very fidgety and uncomfortable.
      • He matches Cameron's story of being together all night.


  • Cameron Dowe
  • Chester Russo
  • Daniel Bridges
  • Lynn Maartens
  • Morgan Mattory
  • Vivian Scotts


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  • Cameron Dowe and Daniel Bridges got food before hanging out at Cameron's all night.

11:30 PM

  • Chester Russo returned to his trailer after locking up supplies.

12:00 AM

  • Estimated TOD of Hank Maartens.


Who is innocent?

  • Morgan

Where was Hank murdered?

  • Baroque Rebirth Tavern