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⍻ Concert Poster

⍻ Heraldry Ring

⍻ Kickoff Event Invite

⍻ Letter from Art

⍻ Map of Tall Oaks

⍻ Medallion

⍻ Michelle Gray Letter

⍻ Renfaire Handbook

⍻ Request for Leave

⍻ Upcoming Changes List

Physical Items

Concert Poster

  • Chester poached Cameron to leave his band Goat Midwinter and come work at the renn faire.

Heraldry Ring

  • The emblem depicts a lion.

Kickoff Event Invite

  • On the back is what looks like a "football play" scrimmage pattern.
  • Below that is a message that seems to be missing some words.
  • Danny used to be a football player, so it can be assumed he wrote the message.
  • The "Xs" in the diagram can be lined up with the words in the message.
  • Move the words in the arrow directions displayed in the diagram for the correct order.
  • Once decoded, the message reads:

Letter from Art

  • In this introduction to our new case, we learn the victim was Hank Maartens.
  • The person convicted, Sam Langstar, is in jail and Art believes she is innocent.
  • Our first objective of the case is to find out who left a pair of spurs on top of Hank's car.
    • This indicates someone was challenging his position as king.

Map of Tall Oaks

  • This map shows us perspective of where the faire grounds are, where Art lives, and the business in Tall Oaks.


  • This item is magnetized.
  • The pendant depicts a fire as for burning someone at the stake.

Michelle Gray Letter

  • Michelle gives us a tiny bit more background information on the case, as well as giving us our access information for the desktop.

Renfaire Handbook

  • On pages 3 and 4, we are provided a map of the festival grounds.
  • On page 8, it describes the act of leaving spurs on the opponent's "horse" to call a duel.

Request for Leave

  • Daniel Bridges requested 2 weeks off yet was put on the schedule anyway.

Upcoming Changes List

  • That is outrageous to charge an admission fee for children under 3!
  • Wow, all of these changes are just redonkulous.


Michelle Gray Investigations

  • Username
    • email address
  • Password
    • PORTER


  • Password
    • ARTHUR
  • Meeting Minutes
    • Under the "Tonality" section, it clearly states that acting "in character" while not around guests is strictly prohibited.
    • The next meeting was proposed to take place on the day of the murder.
  • Good Fences Posts
    • Good Fences

      • Supposedly, Hank was galavanting around with women other than his wife.
        • Could there have been a jealous partner of one of his "mistresses"?
    • Annotated Outline

      • Chester's comment has an obvious code.

        • His clue is "one step behind the name of the ring" alludes to the heraldry ring which depicts a lion.
        • LION is the keyword.
      • In order to decode his message, read only the letters that are to the right of the letters in "LION".

      • Once decoded, the message reads:


    • Fight Video

      • Seems Sam accidentally stabbed Hank during a mock battle or practice, giving people fuel to think she murdered him later.
      • Hank remained in character until he realized he was being filmed...


  • Cameron Dowe
  • Chester Russo
  • Daniel Bridges
  • Lynn Maartens
  • Morgan Mattory
  • Vivian Scotts


Who left the spurs on Hank's car?

  • Danny

Who else was in on the spurs plan?

  • Cameron

Who placed the scarecrow with the attached note?

  • Vivian

Who helped Vivian place the scarecrow?

  • Morgan

Who swapped the sword Sam used during rehearsal?

  • Chester